PropTech companies spurred into action by ‘Call for Evidence’

PropTech companies have been spurred into action following the launch of the DCLG’s ‘Call for Evidence’.

Released by the government last month, the consultation aims to gather the opinions and views of those within the industry, with an end goal of improving the home-buying process.

Reacting to the review was online agency and software platform, Settled. The company, which “connects every step in the home moving journey”, has undergone a rebrand, providing users with a brand new website which aims to make the process more streamlined and less stressful.

Also utilising technology to improve the transaction process is software company, Robot Lawyer LISA. The provider has released legal document creation tools to be used by tenants, landlords and property owners, which it claims will remove “the need to consult costly human lawyers.”

The company states that these tools could possibly save the users thousands of pounds in legal costs.

It also states that as the services are impartial, it negates the need for lawyers on both sides of the transaction.

Commenting on the reasoning behind the machine’s creation was the co-founder of the company, Chrissie Lightfoot.

She stated: “In the UK, only one in 10 people and businesses take advice from a solicitor or barrister, meaning a huge proportion of small and medium businesses and consumers muddle on without legal representation, because they don’t have the time, resources or feel comfortable talking to a human lawyer. LISA aims to solve that problem, by giving the latent legal market an opportunity to self-help and self-serve by providing them with a convenient way to achieve quality legal insight and advice which they desperately need and want.”

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