Can upfront information be TMI?

For those wondering from the title whether they have a new conveyancing abbreviation to remember, TMI is a fairly recent one I’ve discovered from the youngsters: ‘Too Much Information’! Admittedly it’s a bit punchier than NTSELAT which many of you will have come across recently, being the National Trading Standards Estate and Letting Agency Team. […]

Legal Software Suppliers Association expands membership

The Legal Software Suppliers Association (LSSA) has expanded its membership and welcomes London-based LawNeeds into its growing group of legal technology providers. LawNeeds describes itself as helping provide legal services ‘on the go’ with a mobile app providing ‘personalised and affordable legal services’ to users. The app, which was founded in 2024 by Steve Okolo, […]

Enhancing Security Through Regular Software Updates

In today’s digital landscape, cybersecurity is a paramount concern for law firms. The sensitive nature of legal work demands robust security measures to protect client information and maintain professional integrity. One of the most effective ways to enhance security is by ensuring your legal practice management software is kept up-to-date. Guard Against Emerging Threats Hackers […]

Everything you need to know about AML for conveyancers

Every Property Law Solicitor and Conveyancer knows that carrying out an Anti-Money Laundering (AML) check before taking on a client is crucial to ensure compliance.  AML checks help to prevent illegal activities such as money laundering and terrorist financing within conveyancing transactions. The volume of transactions and high property values, especially in London and the South East, […]

Landslide or Avalanche? Let Compass help your firm avoid the Fear of Keir.

On Friday the country awoke to the first change of governing party in nearly a decade and a half. The merits or otherwise of this political sea change are being endlessly debated on TV, radio and social media and will doubtless continue to be so for weeks, months or even years to come, but what […]

Digital Conveyancing: Elevating Trust and Efficiency through Digitisation

In the evolving landscape of property, digital conveyancing represents a pivotal shift, focusing on digitisation rather than automation. This approach aims to enhance the conveyancing experience by providing robust tools that integrate information seamlessly, ensuring reliability and fostering trust. At its core, digital conveyancing is about the digitisation of processes that traditionally relied on paper-based […]

TM Group integrates groundbreaking Anti Money Laundering and Client Verification solution into its market-leading conveyancing technology

Following the announcement of TMGroup’s acquisition of Lawtech Software Group back in March 2024, market-leading property data and technology provider TM Group has announced the completed integration of Verify 365 ID and AML technology into their digital conveyancing platforms from 5 June 2024. Developed by lawyers for lawyers in accordance with Solicitors Regulatory Authority (SRA) […]

An Industry First – Martello Partners with Propflo to Empower Homebuyers with Actionable Retrofitting Insights for Home Buyers

Martello, a leading provider of Environmental reports for conveyancing lawyers, today announced a strategic partnership with Propflo, the UK’s property retrofitting search platform. Through this collaboration, Martello will integrate its state-of-the-art Environmental reports for conveyancing professionals with Propflo’s innovative retrofitting solution for home buyers. This will empower homebuyers with actionable insights around the energy efficiency […]

Regional roadshows to showcase Lawtech innovation

A series of regional roadshows are coming later this month to showcase new technology in legal services. Starting in Swansea on 20th May, the events will move around country to Southampton, Oxford, Cambridge, Nottingham, Sheffield, Leeds; finishing in Newcastle on Thursday 23rd May.  The series has been launched by LawtechUK, which is delivered by legaltech […]

Confessions of a cyber conveyancer

If you spend any time on LinkedIn, you’ll have probably reached the conclusion that conveyancing is riddled with factions holding increasingly polarised views. Whilst as with all things, it’s the vocal minority that are grabbing their virtual pitchforks, a number of areas do seem to have attracted particular ire. Firstly, experienced lawyers are bemoaning the […]

Partnership provides confirmation of logbooks in a transaction

Chain management technology tool ViewMyChain has announced an integration with the National Logbook Register to enable those involved in the transaction to check if a property has an associated logbook.   The National Logbook Register is a record of logbooks associated with a property and has been developed by the Residential Logbook Association; the industry body […]

Report on title software partnership announced

Conveyancing report provider Navro and search provider PALI have announced the availability of the Automated Report on Title (ART) solution through the PALI conveyancing search platform.  The tie up provides PALI users access to Navro’s recently launched ART, which it describes as a ‘game changer’ for conveyancers, enabling the creation of a report on title […]

Optimising Financial Operations: Strategies for Large Firms

The dynamic nature of the legal industry presents enterprise law firms with distinct challenges in managing their financial operations effectively. From complex billing structures to stringent regulatory requirements, navigating the intricacies of financial management requires strategic foresight and innovative solutions. In this blog post, we’ll explore key strategies that large law firms can implement to […]

‘Pay-as-you-go’ promise for client onboarding

A technology provider has pivoted its onboarding proposition to introduce a ‘pay-as-you-go’ model for its client onboarding solution. Property searches and technology business InfoTrack have announced that its Electronic Client Onboarding Solution (eCOS) will only raise a bill once their client has completed any one of the onboarding tasks that they have been sent. InfoTrack say […]

VirtualSignature-ID Solves Large File Upload Headache for Law Firms

VirtualSignature-ID, the leading eSignature and digital onboarding specialist has introduced an enhanced feature to its software which will allow clients to upload and process up to 200MB documents per transaction when sending for eSignature, which far exceeds the typical limitation of 25MB (Docusign)* or 100MB (Adobe)*. This new functionality will transform workflows, particularly for its […]

“Letting logbooks” trial for buy to let properties

Property logbooks for rental and buy-to-let properties are being trialed in partnership with Birmingham City Council and the Connected Places Catapult as part of a ‘wider programme of innovation in the West Midlands.’ Logbooks which include a Lettings Pack have been launched to help with the collation of data associated with rental property when purchasing […]