Today’s Training

Today’s Training, brought to you by the publishers of Today’s Conveyancer, Today’s Wills & Probate, and Today’s Family Lawyer, provides a range of online training topics for practitioners.

Alongside IQ Legal Training, we bring you experts on the subject to deliver these short online which are designed to provide practical advice and guidance for your day-to-day roles.

The courses count toward Continuing Competence and certificates can be provided for evidence.

All our sessions are recorded and available for 30 days after the live event, so even if you cannot make the live session, make sure to book on to receive the recording for later viewing. If you have any questions about the training, or would like to discuss becoming one of our expert speakers, please contact Raye Bradley via email

For further details of our on-demand and upcoming courses, please click on the links below.

Now Available on Demand: An Introduction to Residential Leasehold Conveyancing 

This course, brought to you by Today’s Training and IQ Legal Training, is a 5 session mini-series suitable for any conveyancer who requires a basic level of understanding of residential leasehold transactions. 

This mini series can be attended as a standalone course, or it can also be combined with the follow up course ‘Advanced Residential Leasehold Conveyancing’ which begins on the 13th November.

This course will cover:

  • What is a leasehold title and what are the differences between freehold and leasehold conveyancing.
  • Key Clauses in residential leases
  • Documentation in residential leasehold conveyancing – TA forms, LPE 1, Management Regulations and Service Charge Accounts.
  • Who is the landlord and what is their title – the conveyancing issues of the landlord and tenant relationship.
  • Land Registration Issues in residential leasehold conveyancing.

Cost: £155 pp

Advanced Residential Leasehold Conveyancing

This mini series can be attended as a standalone course, or it can also be combined with the previous introductory course ‘An Introduction to Residential Leasehold Conveyancing’ which begins on the 9th October.

This course will cover:

  • Scoping the Retainer and Reporting on Title in Residential Leasehold Conveyancing – tips and traps
  • Problem Clauses in Residential Leases
  • Dealing with Defective Leases
  • A Deep Dive into the BSA 2022 and the Fire Safety Legislation
  • Avoiding Negligence and Client Complaints in Residential Leasehold Conveyancing.

Cost: £155 pp

Residential Conveyancing Update 2023

Ian Quayle delivers a 60-minute webinar examining some of the recent developments impacting on residential conveyancers dealing with:

  • Registering Overseas Entities
  • Limiting the scope of the retainer – lessons from recent case law
  • Co-ownership – a reminder of best practice
  • Information, explanation and advice – reporting on title, tips and traps
  • Advising on searches, TA forms and client inspection
Cost: £55 pp

An overview of the impacts and advantages deriving from public paths which affect property sites; including, Stopping Up, Modification and Diversion of Public Paths and Highways when they either inhabit or help the use or development of land. Also include comments on the width of highways.

  • Understanding the key mechanisms for Stopping Up, Modification and Diversion of Public Paths and Highways
  • How landholdings might be affected by them
  • How land development may be affected by them
  • How to assess problems associated with the width of highways

Cost £55 pp