A reflection on National Conveyancing Week

As the curtain falls on another successful National Conveyancing Week, I consider the opinions shared over the course of the programme and question, with this renewed sense of togetherness, how we keep that enthusiasm up throughout the year.

I was struck by a comment in Monday’s session on Creating a Digital Property Market, noting how the genesis of the internet has added complexities to conveyancing processes which were (arguably) previously much simpler. The irony as we race to digitise and adapt, that technology was the reason our processes became more cumbersome in the first place.

Having worked in the industry throughout the time technology has enveloped our workflows, I can see how it’s the next generation – the conveyancers who consider paper files and physical land registry documents to be outdated – that will be the ones to truly integrate the most effective solutions. Events such as the British Conveyancing Awards do great work in promoting and recognising the best technologies, with Minerva taking home this year’s big tech accolade.  I think we can all agree that any genuine solution to client onboarding is a huge asset to conveyancers.

Tuesday’s online session discussing mental health and wellbeing in the sector was something that personally chimed with me and it was incredible to see such a breadth of experience taking part the discussion, sensitively moderated by Lloyd Davies. As Jenny Bland discussed, there are varying needs when it comes to rewarding staff and supporting their wellbeing. Many companies are responding to the cost-of-living crisis by offering profit shares, others are offering time-back incentives such as a four day week. One of my key takeaways was the need for leaders to be monitoring and adapting, using data to make decisions. Flexibility is key, sharing best practice, talking about the challenges faced across businesses and the solutions leaders are trialling.

At the British Conveyancing Awards, we saw Mohammed Khaliq named One to Watch Conveyancer, always a huge achievement. TM Group were deservedly recognised for their work in supporting the wider industry. The event brings together conveyancers across the whole industry, trainees to veterans, all in one room and that’s the really special thing about the evening. Thanks to leaders like Rob Hailstone and Beth Rudolf we have the solid and vast experience to maintain the foundations for the amazing talent we see rising up across the whole of the UK. Although I won’t hold it against Rob after losing out to him on the Industry Champion Award…

Aconveyancing took part in Wednesday’s fundraising coffee morning which became a great opportunity to connect and talk through some of the themes touched on over the week. I hope other firms had the same experience.

As I look forward to the wine’d down this evening, I’m left with a renewed sense of excitement for what’s ahead in 2024. We’re all in this together and I encourage anyone who wasn’t able to attend the sessions, to review the recordings online. I believe that no matter your job role or connection to the conveyancing industry, there will be something for you to takeaway, implement and learn from.

Ultimately, conveyancers learn from other (great) conveyancers, so thank you to the National Conveyancing Week and Today’s Media team for representing the best of the best and bringing the whole industry up with you.

And if you fancy meeting up again over the summer, consider coming along to our fundraising and networking afternoon on Wednesday June 26th.

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