Finders International: Streamlining Property Matters with Missing Freeholder Services

Practitioners often face challenges during property transactions when dealing with missing or absent freeholders. At Finders International, a multi award-winning tracing company, these challenges are met with a proven and reliable solution. Specialising in finding missing individuals, the company’s comprehensive research team offers a range of Missing Freeholder services to assist UK conveyancing and property practitioners.

Our services cover the following:

  • Tracing Absent or Missing Freeholders: We can trace absent or missing freeholders and help solve a very real challenge presented to practitioners, conveyancers and their clients. We understand the need for speed and efficiency and our expert people tracers utilise their skills to track down individuals, ensuring that solicitors have all the necessary information at their disposal.
  • Vesting Order Searches: A leaseholder must demonstrate they have made reasonable efforts to locate the freeholder, and a report from Finders International can satisfy this criterion. Our report will clearly outline the steps taken to find the freeholder and facilitate the application to Court.
  • Leasehold Extensions or Freehold Acquisition: Having no contact with a freeholder and no way to track them down is a major problem for leaseholders across the UK. Our specialist services can help clients find the key to resolving matters of lease extensions or freehold enfranchisement. If we establish a freeholder has died, we can locate the Personal Representatives to their Estates.
  • Mortgage Searches for Re-mortgaging Leasehold Properties: Clients re-mortgaging their leasehold properties often encounter challenges as lenders are often not keen when there is no sign of the freeholder. We have over 25 years of experience finding missing people and have developed research techniques to suit the bespoke needs of each individual case.
  • Properties with Restrictions on Title Deeds: Finders International understands the complexities of dealing with properties that have wide-ranging restrictions on title deeds. Our expertise in this area allows property professionals to navigate these difficulties by tracing those recorded on deeds.
  • Missing or Deceased Chargees: In cases where chargees are missing or deceased, our dedicated research team is equipped to handle these delicate situations, providing solicitors with the necessary information to proceed with their cases.

To find out more, visit our website, To receive a free no-obligation quote, you can contact us by calling freephone 0800 085 8796, e-mail or via the form.

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