Pre-contract enquiry management tool launched

A pre-contract enquiry management tool, designed to “reduce the amount of time spent on administration by identifying and extracting enquiries and structuring responses at the press of a button” has been formally launched. 

Enquiry Manager is a standalone enquiry management system which uses technology to identify enquiries in unstructured text, such as email, and formalise them to enable a “more efficient and transparent” process between conveyancing firms.

Enquiries have become an issue of increasing concern for conveyancing practitioners. A Today’s Conveyancer survey in May 2023 reported that 83% of respondents had seen an increase in the number of enquiries being raised. Indeed the impact has been acutely identified in a report issued by property due diligence information provider Landmark during the autumn, which suggested that the average length of time spent on dealing with enquiries is 77% higher in 2023 than in 2007; with the process now taking around 19 weeks.

Enquiry Manager has been developed by Collaborative Conveyancing Limited, a technology business launched by former Lawyer Checker owners Chris Harris and Karen Babington. It has attracted investment from around the property and technology community with prominent estate agency figure David Newnes, Pirie Palmann founder Marion Palmann, and MD of Legal Eye Paul Saunders publicly supporting the venture.

Commenting on the concept, Founder Chris Harris, says

“Listening to the discussions and commentary about the number and relevance of conveyancing enquiries, we asked ourselves if there was a better way of dealing with them, and the conclusion we came to was yes. Our solution focusses on supporting conveyancing firms of all shapes and sizes allowing conveyancers to remain at the heart of the process, mitigate the tension between all parties and ultimately spiral efficiencies.”

“We are inviting all residential conveyancing firms to visit our website or contact us directly to book a 30 mins no-obligation demo to see the powerful tool we have built.”

Newnes, who is also Chairman of the Agents Giving charity added

“Enquiry Manager from Collaborative Conveyancing is just what the sector needs. I have never seen anything like it before. Frustration from conveyancers blaming each other for delays in dealing with due diligence post contract enquiries creates unnecessary stress for home movers and frustrates agents. This tool helping to make enquiry management efficient and transparent will be warmly welcomed by all property professionals.”

Marion Palmann, Property Law Advisor concludes

“Once you have enjoyed the ease with which this tool handles and manages enquiries, I don’t believe you would ever wish to go back to managing them manually with all the time, labour and frustration that entails. It makes short work of the most unpopular part of the conveyancing process.”

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