New Fee Order in force from today

New Fee Order in force from today

Land Registry have stated today

"The Land Registration Fee Order 2012 comes into force today.

Under the  Land Registration Fee Order 2012 our fees have reduced by an average of 10 per cent. We have lowered scale and fixed fees for applications relating to nearly every statutory service.
Our fee guides will help you to make any necessary changes to processes or systems to ensure the correct fees are paid with your applications.
New editions of fee cards are now available and we have updated our fee calculator, which covers the main provisions of the Fee Order for applications received at our offices.
Why are we reducing our fees?
Reducing our fees enables us to pass on savings we have made as a result of a major restructuring programme to reduce our costs — the Accelerated Transformation Programme.

This programme, adopted in the wake of the property market slump in 2008, aimed to ensure we became the smaller, leaner, flexible, more customer-focused and sustainable organisation we needed to be to deliver our objectives in a changing market. The resulting efficiency savings are being passed on to you in the form of lower fees."

Click here to go to the new fees guide

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