Know The Conveyancing Profession – share your views

Know The Conveyancing Profession – share your views

In association with InfoTrack, Today’s Conveyancer will be running a series of insightful surveys that will allow is to gather data regarding your thoughts on the conveyancing profession and where it’s heading.

Throughout the series, we will be focussing on a number of key areas that are prevalent focus points within the profession. The survey will include questions regarding:

  • The Conveyancing Process
  • Technology
  • Change within Conveyancing
  • Risk Management

Once we have gathered all the data, the information will be analysed and a report will be released that will show you exactly what we found out. It will give you a unique overview of the views and predictions of conveyancers – allowing you to compare your ideas and actions against the rest of the profession.

Are you focussing on the same priorities as other firms? What do other conveyancers view as high risk threats? What does the future hold in terms of technological advances within conveyancing? – all of these are questions, and many more, are what we hope to reveal.

Each survey within the series takes just 5 minutes and for every survey you complete, you will be entered into a prize draw for the chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Tablet – so don’t forget to add your contact details at the end to be entered.

To take part in the first survey “The Conveyancing Process” please click the link below.

Georgia Owen

Georgia is the Content Executive and will be your primary contact when submitting your latest news. While studying for an LLB at the University of Liverpool, Georgia gained experience working within retail, as well as social media management. She later went on to work for a local newspaper, before starting at Today’s Conveyancer.

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