Diary of a High Street Conveyancer: 20th May 2024

What has happened to LinkedIn? I thought it was a nice, friendly space. Conveyancers could mention their achievements, career moves, reviews from clients and post photographs of gifts received from happy clients.  

But in the last few weeks, it has become nasty and full of vitriol.

I always thought that conveyancers practised this area of law because it tended not to be adversarial. But I saw a post this week from  a solicitor saying that litigation had become a friendlier area whereas conveyancing was becoming vile. Why? Is it that we have come out of lockdowns and SDLT holidays and found that we have been under so much pressure that the job is no longer worthwhile? But if you have those gifts from clients, surely that makes the job better?

The good reviews show that you are doing a good job. So what is it? Why is everyone starting to become nasty in conveyancing world? Is it because we don’t like change – such as new forms? Well, humans don’t like change at the best of times….

There just seems to be a sickening undercurrent – I would be loathe to post a comment on LinkedIn in support of anything as who knows who I would offend?

Those key board warriors can hide behind the screen and be rude about anything to do with conveyancing and those who do it, and it is not a world I want to be part of.

So   – here is my request  – to all who read this  – can you post a positive comment ? Say something nice about someone you have recently completed a difficult transaction with? Give a call out to that conveyancer who chatted to you when you were exchanging contracts and made you laugh  – and made you realise that we are not alone .

This is a difficult job. There are pressures on all sides. Can we be a little bit nicer to each other?

One Response

  1. We need LinkedIn as a space to speak up. The Law Society has abandoned us and those that claim to represent conveyancers know not what they are talking about as they have been out of the loop. Speak now , forever hold your peace or quit conveyancing. When the job is left to muppets to handle let’s see where the transaction times go and how many get sued for not providing proper legal advice. After all “it’s just a piece of paper” isn’t it?

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