Today’s Conveyancer Second Roundtable Roundup

Today’s Conveyancer Second Roundtable Roundup

On Tuesday, representatives from the UK’s most respected conveyancing firms, innovative suppliers to the sector, technology experts and industry commentators gathered to discuss the hot topics concerning the conveyancing sector.

Hosted by Chris Harris, Managing Director of Lawyer Checker and owner of the Practical Vision network, attendees included partners, directors and senior representatives from Law Firm Services, PM Law, Brethertons, Timms Law, MKP Conveyancing, Beaumont Legal, Third Fort, Future Climate Info, One Dome and The Move Exchange.

The day enjoyed vibrant discussion and in-depth analysis of some of the most important issues in the conveyancing sector.

The representatives at the roundtable deliberated about the hot topic of whether referral fees will be banned or not. It was felt that it should not necessarily be banned but policed more effectively so that fundamentally consumers have transparency and choice.

Many speculated that if referral fees were banned they would go underground and continue regardless of the law. Both scenarios as to whether it should be banned or not had pros and cons which could discredit the industry and customer service being affected if it is not regulated properly. Ultimately, the panel agreed that customer service should always be at the forefront.

The issues of air pollution and other environmental factors was a contentious topic of debate. What is the conveyancer’s responsibility in dealing with environmental factors that could affect a customer’s health and house price? Should they be advising customers of the implications of findings? Or, does the responsibility rest with the agent and surveyor?

Many in the room argued that the role of the conveyancer is to be the legal representative of the client and therefore does not stretch to educating someone on the impact of buying in a polluted area or the issues of buying a house on contaminated land. Those in opposition insisted that anybody with more knowledge on these issues has a responsibility to impart it wherever necessary.

OneDome, the digital proptech company, opened the debate surrounding conveyancers and technology. The discussion that followed considered buyer preferences, including the increasing use of media portals to view property and a desire to book appointments after property companies, like estate agents, have closed. Debates on the closer working relationship between estate agents and conveyancers ensued.

Overall, the event was brimming with insight, intrigue and speculation into the role a conveyancer will play in the unknown future that Brexit and increasing technology will bring.

Ensure that you follow Today’s Conveyancer throughout the next week as we continue to elaborate on the main issues raised during the roundtable.

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