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Conveyancing Data Services is a Conveyancing Search Provider which has been created to supply all the necessary information required for a property transaction in a way that suits you and how you choose to work.

Our vast industry knowledge and experience of supplying conveyancing information to the legal sector guarantees that we appreciate the importance of providing a totally bespoke service. We know this is the key to our success and this bespoke service is exactly what we provide.

Very few of our clients make the same choices. We have devised a system that will save you time, money and aggravation. Our sole aim is to make the task of ordering products easier than ever before.

Whichever ordering, payment and delivery method you prefer our Client Services Team have been specifically trained to manage and meet your expectations. They can be contacted on 0118 9690839 or via email by clicking here.

Contact: Matthew Joy
Tel: 029 20 029980
Email: [email protected]

61-63 Crockhamwell Road


Look what we’ve just unearthed…

Introducing TerraSearch Coal and TerraSearch Coal Extra What is it? Terrafirma have introduced two brand new searches – TerraSearch Coal and Terrasearch Coal Extra to compete with the Official Coal search. What are the benefits of the Terrasearch Coal? The search contains Official Coal Authority data and residential Con29M compliant reporting (past, present and future), […]Read More


Are you freezing your cockles off?

The UK set about creating panic and generally preparing for the “big freeze” this week with the news of the impending snow. How Canada, Russia, Switzerland etc. all manage to deal with the white stuff in a calm and rational manner, we’ll probably never know! But, whilst some areas have faced severe weather damage, it’s […]Read More


Coventry Street

Coventry Street is the understated yellow property on the Monopoly board. Nestled between the larger Leicester Square and Piccadilly, it is a short street that connects the two. First designed as a street for entertainment, it was built in 1681 and named after the politician Henry Coventry, the secretary of state to Charles II. It […]Read More

Firms & People

We are pleased to announce…

What a great month – a massive congratulations to our team for the great score we received on our first customer service survey. 71% of our customers scored us top – very satisfied. 21% scored us the next level down, which is amazing so just under perfect! Subtracting the lowest scores from the highest gives […]Read More


Living and breathing contamination

The Environment Agency estimate that around 300,000 hectares of land in England and Wales is affected, to some extent, by industrial contamination. In areas where space is at a premium, old industrial sites are often reclaimed for housing. While it is great that more new houses are being constructed, it is important for home buyers […]Read More


Introducing our new Homebuyers report

In recent months, the news has been awash with stories on flooding, sinkholes, landfills, fracking and noise pollution. Now more than ever, it’s best to make your client aware of these risks, before they complete their sale. With an all new look, the Groundsure Homebuyers report now has additional information free of charge! It is […]Read More


The Postcode Planning Lottery

Location can not only affect the price of your house, but also whether you could be approved for planning permission. With house prices rapidly rising, many are choosing to purchase smaller houses with the intention to extend in the future. It is estimated that 90% of applications are granted nationally, however around 20,000 households will […]Read More


Mine oh mine

They say that if you look down a hole in the ground anywhere around the world you’ll find a Cornishman looking for metal. Tin mining was rife in the early 19th Century, but most would assume that the days of obtaining coal and other minerals are long behind us. Mining in Cornwall began in approximately 2150 […]Read More


Oh flooding hell!

With the recent flooding very much drowning people’s spirits, new research has shown that due to climate change, it is here to stay. As humans add greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, it not only warms the planet, but also raises the ocean level. Those around coastal areas are more likely to be affected by the consequences, […]Read More


Landfill now landfull!

For many, the prospect of autumn brought warm feelings for pumpkin spiced lattes, golden crisp leaves glazing the ground and wholesome hearty foods. The reality for many this year was devastating consequences due to flooding. December 2015 was named the wettest month since Met Office records began. The torrential downpours left behind chaos, crisis and […]Read More


The Six Nations

Grab your six pack of lager, the Six Nations starts on Saturday 6th February. England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, France and Italy will all battle it out on the rugby pitch in the hope of winning a Grand Slam and not the wooden spoon (England). Although the England rugby team have a lot to prove this […]Read More