Net Zero – the challenges and the opportunities for the property sector

Women in Residential Property is a pan profession membership group for women working throughout the residential property industry. Through regular virtual and in-person events the group keeps its member updated with important updates and discussions on topics across the residential property sector. In this latest panel discussion, on what is probably the most important topic […]

Electric car chargers to be installed in new homes from 2022

New legislation announced by Boris Johnson will require new homes and buildings, such as supermarkets and workplaces, to install electric vehicle charge points from next year. Under the new regulations up to 145,000 extra charge points will be installed across England every year before 2030 when the sale of new petrol and diesel cars will […]

Secret tunnels: Doors to a hidden realm

Humans are tunneling animals, we may not think we are but we are. We tunnel deeper, further and wider than any other animal. Furthermore, our tunneling systems are complex and unlike anything else in the world. Historical tunneling networks are all around us, they carry water, vehicles and ourselves. We have dug through mountains, under […]

Government and Banks join forces to offer heat-pump loan scheme

In a bid to help UK households achieve the transition to net zero, banks are now preparing to work with the Government to provide a low interest loan scheme which will help fund installations of heat-pumps and other green initiatives. Santander UK has stepped up, saying it will support the Government in devising financial schemes […]

COP26: how climate change is affecting the property sector

In the aftermath of COP26, experts at Groundsure are calling for better climate change due diligence in property transactions to minimise environmental risk and reach sustainability targets. With the average UK household emitting 2.7 tonnes of CO2 every year[1], the UK government has committed to all new homes being highly energy efficient. By 2025, all […]

Planning for the Future

Imagine buying a property and 6 months down the line your idyllic countryside views turn into a development site. Knowledge and understanding of local planning information should be a key consideration in any transaction, allowing you to provide your client with the full picture and enabling them to make an informed decision. We spoke to […]

Government responds to cladding petition

The Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities has responded to a petition to “Hold a full and independent inquiry into the cladding and fire safety scandal.” The petition is the most recent to reach the 10,000 signatures which triggers a response from government. At the time of writing the petition had reached 11,125 signatures. […]

Climate change will put 1.5 million homes at risk from flooding

A new report by Hometrack predicts that that more than 1.5 million homes could be at risk of flooding due to the effects of climate change by 2050. Hometrack analysis reveals that 5% of homes in the UK are already at risk from flooding with a further 1% (300,000 homes) expected to join the “at […]

COP26: Towards better climate change due diligence in property transactions

With COP26 well underway, we have heard many world leaders’ speeches proclaiming that the time to act and deliver on our promises is now. Commitments to reduce emissions over decades seem to run in the face of real and present dangers to our communities, so for us it is about how we mitigate and interact […]

Law Firm Goes Green and Helps Clients put down Future Roots

An Oldham Law firm is looking to make a huge environmental impact, as well as provide clients with a nice moving in gift at the same time. Pearson Solicitors and Financial Advisers this week launch their ‘Planting Roots for the Future Campaign’.  As part of the scheme, on completion of every house purchase the North […]

Why checking photo ID is crucial

Mental Health Awareness Week 2021: Well-being Tips for Conveyancers

It is not the first time that someone’s house has been sold from underneath them by property fraudsters but nevertheless the tale of Reverend Mike Hall’s house being sold while he was working away is shocking. Reverend Hall was astonished to find the locks changed and a stranger happily carrying out renovation work when he […]

Over one million Greater Manchester properties at risk of ground movement

New research has alerted homeowners of the potential hazards associated with abandoned limestone mines in Greater Manchester. Groundsure recently published a white paper revealing the extent of non-coal mining risk in major cities across the UK and has identified over one million properties in Greater Manchester that are potentially at risk of significant ground movement. There […]

A guide to understanding Contaminated Land Legal Indemnity Insurance

Many purchasers only have to hear the words ‘contaminated land’ and they are wary of proceeding with their planned purchase. Conveyancing solicitors report that in these increasingly environmentally aware times, with the importance to home buyers of gardens where they have the ability to grow their own produce, contaminated land is a big concern for […]

So…you think that mining risk is only a rural thing?

It is easy to assume that, if your client’s property is in an urban area, your due diligence on the transaction would not need to involve purchasing a mining report – but Groundsure’s vast collection of historical mining data tells a very different story. Coal mining and all other types of mining (such as tin, […]

UK and US survey reveals ESG concerns and priorities for corporates and law firms

A survey of over 200 senior leaders in US and UK corporates and 100 law firms found Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) priorities are clearly more important now than 12-months ago, yet only 11% of corporates suggested that it is due to having targets in place to improve ESG performance. The study, commissioned by data […]

Assessing Development Risk

DevAssist offers in-depth development risk reports for property purchases. With nearly one-third of DevAssist’s reports identifying properties as having a high risk of development, is it time for more conveyancers to be offering information that identifies and analyses the risk to protect clients’ investments? We spoke to Paul Addison, Managing Director of DevAssist to find […]

170,000 Bristol properties at risk of subsidence

New research by Groundsure alerts homeowners of the potential hazards associated with abandoned mine shafts in Bristol city centre. The latest case study has identified over 170,000 properties in Bristol that are potentially at risk of ground movement. There are currently 82 reported ground collapses in the region, and with 243 mines, pits and quarries […]

Development Risk Webinar Confirmed

poweredbypie has confirmed a free development risk webinar to be run by Paul Addison, Managing Director of DevAssist for 11am on 3 November 2021.  Paul Addison, Managing Director of DevAssist confirms: “With nearly one-third of our reports identifying properties as having a high risk of development within 75m, conveyancers need to be able to offer  […]

Rise in Japanese Knotweed claims conveyancers warned

 Legal claims against property sellers relating to Japanese knotweed have risen sharply over the last twelve months, in part due to buyers and sellers rushing transactions through to benefit from stamp duty holiday savings, reports Environet UK. Research in partnership with CEL Solicitors, a law firm specialising in Japanese knotweed-related claims, has revealed a 25% […]

“Adapt or die”, says Environment Agency as flood risk increases across the UK

The Environment Agency has issued a warning to the UK Government that climate change can only be tackled through greater adaptation to immediate risks, particularly in relation to flooding. In its third adaptation report submitted to Government under the Climate Change Act, the agency warned of more extreme weather leading to increased flooding and drought, […]