New platform saves conveyancers even more time

New platform saves conveyancers even more time

A provider of technical solutions for conveyancers, tmgroup, has recently launched a new platform to further streamline the process for professionals.

The platform from tmgroup also includes integrated Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) submission, enabling conveyancers to calculate and submit the tax in a simplified online form.

By listening to feedback and opinions from their customers, tmgroup developed the new platform in response to the absence of technological solutions within some areas of the conveyancing sector. Although electronic processes are becoming more of a feature within all areas of legal practice, the conveyancing sector in particular has recognised the use of technology to be effective in streamlining the process for consumers.

Providing a clear and tailored experience is the key aim behind the release of the tmconvey platform, according to Managing Director, Paul Albone. Highlighting the flexibility of the system, he said that the main goals of the platform were to provide choice for their users, stating “the workflow of the system adapts to our user’s changing needs. As and when even more new service integrations become available, we will enable them on the dashboard and they will link seamlessly to any established case already on the system.”

Although taking just over a year to develop, the system is based on 15 years’ worth of knowledge and experience, with expertise from across the business and the industry contributing to its design. Mr Albone mentioned that the experience of the company has been fundamental in developing the new platform.

“Our aim is to provide a solution which enables the conveyancer to control how they perform a conveyancing transaction. We are looking to deliver control and configuration, and provide that choice to the conveyancer. People have long considered tmgroup to be a search company and historically this is certainly true, however, we believe that the market is now also ready to consider more complete IT Services and we are now in a position to deliver the most robust solution – as we have done with the search offering over the last 15 years.”

As well as supporting customers with a simplified layout and navigation, the integrated services within tmconvey allow processes to be completed in a single location. This aims to reduce the time taken for conveyancing processes to be completed, as well as the need for users to visit numerous sites.

Despite the already impressive process and design of the platform, Mr Albone highlights that tmconvey will be an ongoing project which will utilise new technologies as they emerge within the market.

“It’s never finished – it will continue to evolve as the market changes. The way the platform has been built means that we are able to quickly integrate new services as and when they become available in the market.”

Mr Albone also commented on the vast changes which are happening within the industry. Largely due to the increase in availability of data, he predicted the developments which the conveyancing process would experience and how technology would contribute.

“I think the vast quantities of PDFs that we live our lives around at the moment will become a thing of the past and we will be ingesting data from multiple sources, providing information to the conveyancer by interpreting that data and then making sure that the risks and due diligence of the transaction are covered off and that the client is informed using digital tools, or portals as everyone calls them. Really, let’s begin to break down the silos between Estate Agent, Conveyancer, Lender and Valuer, and provide the consumer with a digital experience within the transaction, just as they receive from the many Property Portals whilst they are prospecting.”

As opposed to viewing it as a hindrance, Mr Albone stressed that technology should be embraced, rather than be shied away from. He stated that this is especially the case where it can allow processes to be simplified and create a better experience for all involved.

“Technology should be seen as an enabler. Delivered correctly, it will save time and probably most importantly create a consistency of process. This, in turn, should lead to higher levels of certainty and increased customer satisfaction.”

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