Law Commission tasked to improve laws enabling leaseholders to manage their properties

Law Commission tasked to improve laws enabling leaseholders to manage their properties

The Law Commission has been tasked to look at improving the laws which allow leaseholders to manage their own buildings.

James Brokenshire MP, Secretary of State for Communities has asked the government’s independent legal advisers to conduct a broad review of the ‘Right to Manage’ scheme, with a view to proposing reform in order to improve its operation.

The aim of Right to Manage legislation was through allowing property owners to take over the management of their building, to return power back to leaseholders and prevent abuse.

However, numerous issues with the law have prevented it from being used on a widescale basis. What’s more, those who have chosen to take it up have been subject to costs, delays and uncertainty.

Brokenshire’s aim is to rectify these issues, with the launch of a 12-month project and public consultation on provisional proposals.

The Rt Hon James Brokenshire MP, Secretary of State for Communities, said:

“This Government is tackling unfair and abusive practices within the leasehold sector every day. Our work with the Law Commission is just one aspect of this.

“Leaseholders wanting to manage their own building should be supported to do so without the fear of uncertain, lengthy and costly court procedures.”

Law Commissioner Stephen Lewis said:

“Putting power in leaseholders’ hands can help them take control of their homes and lead to cost effective, good quality management of shared areas.

“But the law isn’t working as it should be and leaseholders are missing out on their right to manage. We’ll be looking to get to the bottom of why that is, and come up with reform recommendations that work for everyone.”

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