HMLR provide advice on new service

HMLR provide advice on new service

HM Land Registry has provided tips for conveyancing professionals with an aim to help them gain maximum benefit from their new service.Further to survey results revealing the time saved by using Application Enquiry, Anthony Hart from the HMLR advises property professionals on how to get the best results.

Stating that it will save time, the first tip given advises professionals to search by HM Land Registry Reference.

Hart explains that searching by this as opposed to a title number can make locating an application simpler, given that each will have their own unique Reference. A title number may be associated with several different applications.

A Reference will also direct a user directly to ‘application details’ page, further reducing time spent searching for an application. This will also indicate whether HMLR has cancelled or completed an application, as well as detailing where any documents have been sent.

More than useful, a Reference will be essential when a title number has not yet been provided. If HMLR has allocated one, they advise that it can be found on the ‘application details page’. Following this link will show any other applications pending against the title.

The second tip explains why users should save application details, using the functionality integrated within the service.

Hart reminds users that they are able to save any details as a PDF document, enabling them to easily send them to involved parties.

Simpler than capturing a screenshot, Hart states that the PDFs are HMLR branded as well as being date and time stamped.  In addition to appearing professional, the PDF documents will also include only the important pieces of information.

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