Help sought for the CML Conveyancing Conference

Help sought for the CML Conveyancing Conference

Dear Colleague
CML Conference: a request
I am a partner at Wright & Wright in Guildford and also the founding director of JET which is the CML supported system hosting the CML Handbook. My role with JET and the CML has meant that I am delighted to be speaking at the CML Conference on 1 December on the Future of Conveyancing (see which Today’s Conveyancer is the media partner for.
I am keen to engage with fellow conveyancers and I thought it would be useful to represent some of the viewpoints (by way of some stats) of conveyancers and their clients to show Lenders what life is like at the coalface. I anticipate (hope) that I will be able to show them why their own views might not be in total sync with the conveyancers they instruct and the borrowers that they lend to.
I would be grateful if you could raise the following queries with 5 of your clients and respond to myself by either doing a  cut/paste into an e-mail back to me at [email protected] or complete on the form and e-mail that back.
ALL responses are totally anonymous: the point is to show by survey and weight of response (quantitative over qualitative).
The first question below is for the law firm; the second set of questions are for clients; please simply list the number of clients who support one of the answers (as per the example). IF THE RESPONSE GIVEN IS NOT LISTED PLEASE DISREGARD.
Firm Query

Who do you believe is most influencing changes in the conveyancing market? 

Answer Lender Conveyancer Client Regulator 

Client Query Example
Example Question Answer 1 Answer 2 Answer 3 Answer 4 
Number of Responses 1 3 0         
Client Query 1

What is the most important outcome for your conveyancing experience?

Number of Responses Meeting preferred completion date? Speed Title Security n/a 

Client Query 2

Who introduced you to your current conveyancer?

Number of Responses Used before Internet Search Lender Agent/Broker

Client Query 3

Why did you choose your conveyancer?

Number of Responses Price Speed Service Technical Competence 

Client Query 4

Would you pay extra to reduce the conveyancing process by 2 weeks?

Number of Responses  Yes No Unsure

Client Query 5

Your Lender imposes 198 separate instructions to your conveyancer on your case. If you didn’t have a Lender would you be happy if your conveyancer could cut 50% of these out to speed up your matter?

Number of Responses  Yes No

Client Query 6

If you had a choice would you do standard searches on a purchase (local/water/enviro/chancel)?

Number of Responses  Yes No

I appreciate your help: I genuinely feel that the CML and its lender members need to be aware of what is happening at the coal face and if I can use my position within JET to help conveyancing firms then I hope this is the first step.
Feel free to also visit of course!
Kind regards
Yours sincerely

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