Four Ways To Really Make Your Training Count

Four Ways To Really Make Your Training Count

It’s the start of another year and a time when many of us are making some new year resolutions. For many people, resolutions are about physical fitness but why not make 2019 the year you think about making some resolutions about your training too?

With the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s abolition of a minimum hours training requirement for solicitors and a focus instead on ‘competency’, now is a perfect time to reflect on this year’s training and how you can really make it count.

Four tips for training success:

  • Set goals – in fitness you might want to run a marathon or perfect a push up. Big or small, having a goal to aim for will focus your mind and ensure the training you do is targeted to achieve that goal. In professional life, maybe you want to brush up on covenants or get to grips with the tricky issues which crop up with residential mortgages. Or perhaps you want to apply for partnership but feel you need some skills training. Whatever your goals, Central Law Training has the appropriate training to help you achieve them.
  • Don’t put it off – conveyancing is a busy area of law and time is precious so it’s easy to see why training can fall low down in the list of priorities. However, when you force yourself to exercise even when it’s cold and dark outside and you have a million emails to catch up on, you feel the benefits through increased energy and an improved mood as those endorphins kick in. Then you realise this is just as much a priority as everything else on your to-do list. Likewise, with professional training time spent now can lead to greater confidence and productivity in the workplace tomorrow.
  • Don’t stagnate – fitness evolves all the time and so do the law and the challenges we face every day. In last week’s article we looked at cybercrime, something that is on the rise and poses a threat to businesses. You can’t afford not to be up to date on issues like this. Training will keep you alert to new developments and enable you to offer the most accurate and relevant advice to your clients.
  • Mix it up – a common tip from personal trainers is that you are more likely to benefit from a fitness regime that has variety. Some days you may only have time for a short workout at home, other days you may have longer to spend at the gym. The same applies to professional development. You may have a free day for training or just an hour to watch a webinar in your lunch break. There are so many options Central Law Training can offer you including face to face training, interactive e-learning, webinars, web courses, conferences and written content so take a look at and plan your training regime today!

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