Tech comparison index will enable conveyancers to benchmark against peers

Conveyancing firms will be able to compare their technology and digitisation against peers with the launch of the Digital Conveyancing Maturity Index by conveyancing technology platform provider InfoTrack. 

Claimed to be an industry first, the index will survey the digital conveyancing capabilities of law firms to understand how digitally advanced their processes are or are not.

As well as interviewing their own clients, InfoTrack have launched a survey for the sector which will enable firms to receive insight into their own adoption of technology and digitisation of their conveyancing process and understand where they stand across the industry as a whole.

You can complete the Digital Conveyancing Maturity Index survey here.

With information comparing how they are progressing against industry averages, including firm size variables, the resultant report will show firms average scores across the legal organisations they’re affiliated with including the Bold Legal Group, Council for Licensed Conveyancers, the Law Society, Conveyancing Association, and LawNet.

InfoTrack say the initiative has been designed to support law firms in the adoption of digital conveyancing, highlighting key areas of progression, areas for further advancement, and where they sit compared to the rest of the industry. All reporting will remain anonymous while providing firms with a toolkit to confirm whether they are on track or need to justify the introduction of new technology into their practice.

The Digital Conveyancing Maturity Index will be launched on the 28th September 2022 at the Digital Conveyancing Summit, an event focused on providing law firms with insightful sessions covering compliance and regulation, how to build a digital-first law firm, the impact of technology on people, business, and clients, and more.

Sam Jordan, InfoTrack COO, commented:

“We’re excited to launch this Index to highlight the progress that’s been made and the opportunities that still exist. It’s hard for firms to know whether they’re leading, keeping up, or falling behind. These personalised reports will provide invaluable insights into how successful they’ve been in modernising their practices.”

Rob Hailstone of Bold Legal Group added:

“I believe in the value law firms will get by sharing their feedback about how digital their conveyancing process is. The benchmarking and insight into how their processes can evolve with the right digital tools is something the industry hasn’t previously had access to. I’d encourage every law firm to complete the survey for the wealth of individualised data they will receive in return.”

George Coombes, Member Services Manager at LawNet, said:

“Gauging how far you are along on the journey with digital conveyancing can be tough for law firms. This index will be a brilliant tool to help firms recognise where they are making good progress and which areas they need to prioritise. The personalised data that they’ll get in return will be invaluable, so we recommend every firm takes advantage of this opportunity.”

Survey details:

Law firms can gain valuable data and insight into the digitisation of their conveyancing process by completing the Digital Conveyancing Maturity Index survey here. The reports are free and confidential.

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