Consumers call for differentiation as conveyancers ‘all seem the same’

Consumers call for differentiation as conveyancers ‘all seem the same’

Recent research has revealed that just under half of UK consumers find it difficult to tell the difference between conveyancing firms as ‘they all seem the same’.

According to InfoTrack, the conveyancing process is viewed as process driven by consumers, suggesting that the responsibility for differentiation and signposting specialisms has been placed on the sector itself.

The research revealed that in order to set themselves apart from other firms in the market, 55% of consumers felt that conveyancers should improve communication during transactions and offer greater clarity where the process is concerned.

However, that’s not to say that home movers don’t see the value of conveyancers; for example, the research showed that 28% of consumers felt that conveyancers added the most value when liaising with HM Land Registry, whilst 26% felt that this was in collection or management of funds or drawing up contracts.

Considering suggested improvements, the report highlighted that over a third of home movers would like conveyancers to use clear language suited to a layperson, whilst 27% stated that they’d like their conveyancer to use more online methods of communication.

Further, the research also showed that half of home movers would like their conveyancer to provide advice when required, and offering a more consultative role.

Commenting on the research was General Manager of Marketing at InfoTrack, Adam Bullion. He said: “Consumers feel that conveyancers take care of the most laborious admin tasks, and ensure their money is being moved around safely and efficiently.

“However, conveyancers should understand that consumers also want consultancy throughout each stage of the process. Consultancy can act as a real value-add within the transaction which means better communication. Changing communication methods to engage with their customers on their preferred methods, will have multiple benefits, from time-saving for the conveyancer, to increased client satisfaction, leading to an increase in repeat business. Using good technology to do this should be enjoyable, as should the process of buying a home. Conveyancers and home movers can both benefit from the implementation of tools that enable this.”

Georgia Owen

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  • Of course not all firms or even individual conveyancers are all the same. I, as do many others, provide proper information in lay-speak and have been complimented many times for doing so. However, this is because I treat every transaction individually and not as a commoditised one size fits all personless process. I do communicate with my clients telling them every time something happens and I tell them at the outset what is involved and why. However, most are not interested and all they want is their dream house today. This, coupled with agents piling on pressure, and others in transaction chains threatening all sorts, it just becomes a fire-fighting exercise, with lawyers being blamed for delay.

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