Build relationships with referrers now to avoid potential downturn

Build relationships with referrers now to avoid potential downturn

As if the extraordinary events of early summer weren’t daunting enough – leaving the security of the European Union, the pound going into free fall, and a new prime minister in place before anyone could catch their breath – the reality of where to find new clients in a potential downturn looms large.

How to find “forgotten gold” in a firm 

Building relationships, as Bill Cates (author of How to Use the Perpetual Revenue System to Turn Referrals into High-Value Clients), would say, is about using the “forgotten gold”. That might be the case, but if a firm doesn’t have a referral system that consistently brings in new business it can seem impossible to establish.

Here’s the good news: the beauty of a modern referral system lies in using both innovative technology and human connection that work together. Redbrick Solutions not only manages each case but also keeps clients informed both during and even after their case has closed.

Using pre-programmed messages sent at key milestones, as well as ad-hoc messages which can be sent via the system when needed, the result is an increase in client satisfaction which ultimately improves the chances of being referred. Referrals create an army of fans who are ready and willing to recommend their good fortune for having picked a standout modern law firm.

Now consider the following – good news travels fast when it comes from a trusted source such as friends, family, and even the general public? The explosion of review sites, online forums and the speed of comment in a digital world is a testament to why referrals – both personal and impersonal – are a growing factor in client acquisition.

Key elements of a referral system

It all starts with becoming aware of opportunities that everyone in the partnership can be a part of. Often, when a client gives positive feedback whether in person, via email or text, and it’s not ceased upon in the moment it fast becomes the “forgotten gold”. At the very least a client may be happy for a firm to use the feedback in its marketing, and at best and most importantly they will be introduced to a potential new client directly by the referrer.

For a firm to become referable, they often need to audit their “referability” which means providing an outstanding client experience throughout the relationship.

A firm that tries to recruit clients solely from cold marketing leads is in for the long haul. Instead, those that continually encourage partners and employees to manage their client feedback with technology will be ahead of their competitors.

Adam Cheal, Owner, Fletcher Longstaff said: “Choosing Redbrick Solutions has helped massively with the integration of Word and Outlook, emails are tagged and dragged directly into the client file, saving me valuable time and ensuring a seamless experience.”

When people are put first, using an innovative technology solution in partnership with human communication, it opens up a whole new world of connections.

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Redbrick Solutions

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