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How upskilling staff on your CMS will improve service, efficiency, and profitability

The latest Today’s Conveyancer podcast discusses the changing nature of law firm case management systems and how we can best leverage their functionality.

Joining host David Opie is Adam Bullion, General Manager of Marketing at Practice Evolve, to discuss his thoughts on the current state of legal case management, and what the future might hold.

Adam describes the variety of options open to firms in two ways; software with a service vs software as a service. In choosing their CMS provider firms should be not just be looking for the functionality but what the associated support that comes with it looks like.

For Adam case management providers need to “step up” and be better for their clients. He points to the fact that CMS’s have historically been poor at interoperability and integrating with other technologies. In a recent survey undertaken bu Practice Evolve only 5% of respondents said their technology integrations were “seamless.”

The same survey identified that law firms use less than 40% of the software they have in place and identified 4 key priorities law firms want to see from their technology:

  1. Improving internal systems and workflows
  2. Integrating existing and new technologies
  3. Greater focus on client service and experience
  4. Retention of key people

By supporting users to better understand the capabilities of the technology, we can make them more productive, and ultimately improve efficiency in the business, says Adam.

The discussion moves on to the Cloud vs on premise debate and how firms can differentiate the case management systems which Adam shares his thoughts and experience on.

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