Updated API for HM Land Registry OS1 with data

An updated version of OS1 with Data was launched on 22 December 2022 in response to valuable customer feedback. This enhancement was prioritised based on the highest number of votes received on the Land Registries public enhancement list. The latest update brings significant improvements to the service.

One significant change is that the previous OS1 service only provided results in PDF format, requiring users to open the document and manually review its contents. However, with the new service called “official search of the whole (with priority) with data,” key items from the results are now also returned as data, making it easier to extract and utilise the information.

This enhancement allows legal software developers to incorporate a feature that identifies any changes in the register since the “search from” date, specifically highlighting cases where a previous official search is still pending and providing details of that search. Furthermore, it enables the detection of discrepancies between the registered proprietor(s) names and the information held in the register.

Moreover, the updated OS1 results can be automatically routed to the relevant team for further consideration, streamlining the workflow and ensuring prompt attention to relevant matters. The new developments in OS1 reduce the risk of an adverse entry being missed and the time spent manually reading and checking OS result certificates.

Here at Hoowla, our API connection allows users to perform property searches and obtain official documents, including those provided by the Land Registry. By integrating with the Land Registry’s systems and databases, we enable conveyancers to access up-to-date and accurate information about properties, streamlining the conveyancing process and reducing the need for manual handling of documents.

Our Lead Developer, Edd, had this to say about the API:

“As long-time users of the official search functionality provided by HM Land Registry, news of a newly-released, more modern version of the API, OS1 with data, was jumped on. Now being used in our live systems for several months, it has provided us with quick and reliable access to extra data that was previously unavailable.”

At Hoowla, we excel in embracing APIs and technological advances within our legal software platform. We expand our functionality by seamlessly integrating with various external systems and services through APIs and enhancing access to diverse data sources. This integration capability allows legal professionals to streamline workflows, automate tasks, and improve efficiency. Furthermore, by actively embracing cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning and automation, we empower our users with intelligent document processing, time-saving features, and smart recommendations. By staying at the forefront of technological advancements, we ensure our clients have access to robust and innovative solutions for their legal needs.

To see how Hoowla’s integration works with the Land Registry and what the OS1 Documents look like, book in a free, no-obligation demo here.

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