UK’s first paperless mortgage process launched by RBS

UK’s first paperless mortgage process launched by RBS

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has launched the UK’s first totally paper-free mortgage process using Vizolution innovated technology.

The new digitalised process which is powered by Vizolution is available at RBS, Natwest and Ulster Bank. Vizolution’s DigiDocs advanced technology allows bank customers to complete their mortgage applications via a digital process, while in the comfort of their own home if they wish.

Traditionally, a mortgage application journey is a long, laborious and complex process with many stages and copious amounts of paperwork. Using DigiDocs software, customers can securely upload all documents they require to the online DigiDocs Bank portal.

In addition, the bank’s mortgage agents can link with customers remotely using Vizolution’s screen sharing technology to guide them through the mortgage process.

As a result of this pioneering technology, RBS has reduced the mortgage process for customers by an average of 11 days. Plus, with around 5% of customers receiving a mortgage offer within 24 hours, and the majority of the rest within 14 days.

This new innovative digital sharing solution reduces time, costs and potentially more than 7 million pieces of paper per year.

The DigiDocs portal is currently facilitating over £1 billion of loans every month.

Ian McLaughlin, managing director of home buying and ownership at RBS, said: “DigiDocs has allowed RBS to introduce a transformative, unique approach to our mortgage process. The rate of adoption has been outstanding and shows the appetite our customers have for digital solutions that are quicker, easier and more convenient to use.”

Bill Safran, CEO of Vizolution, commented: “We are very excited by the results that RBS has generated for its customers using DigiDocs, which is powered by Vizolution’s vDoc and vScreen solutions. RBS has shown what is possible by a forward-thinking bank that puts the customer at the centre of their business model.

RBS has not only streamlined the mortgage process through the elimination of paper but are also providing a better advice process to their customers through advanced screen sharing. The customer satisfaction score that RBS has achieved sets a new standard in the mortgage market that others will need to chase.”


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