SEO For Conveyancing Solicitors

SEO For Conveyancing Solicitors

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

An SEO-optimised website will help search engines like Google to understand the structure of your website and the nature of your business, meaning you have a better chance of ranking on the first page for your chosen keyword. Using SEO for your conveyancing business will increase traffic to your website, ultimately helping you generate more sales in 2020.

Compare My Move’s digital marketing strategy has been a great success in generating over 500 conveyancing leads each month for our partners all over the UK, so we’ve put together this article to talk about the basics of SEO and how it can help you grow your conveyancing business.

What is SEO?

SEO or “Search Engine Optimisation” is a digital marketing practice that helps to increase traffic to your website through appearing in non-paid search results. By implementing an SEO friendly structure and researched content to your website, search engines can find your website easier when users are looking for the services you can provide.

Done correctly, SEO should improve customer experience too, not just appealing to Google’s guidelines. It’ll allow you to learn what people are searching for, what content they want to read, the questions they need answering and the products they need to purchase. By getting an understanding of what people need, you can use SEO to target your users’ searches, increasing your website traffic and converting sales.

How Does SEO Work?

Search engines will scan and crawl websites that feature relevant keywords to answer a question a user is searching. By making the content on your website relevant to topics in your industry, the more potential customers you can reach. There are easy starting points to create an SEO-friendly website:

• Fast loading pages
• Well-structured pages with H1 and H2 titles
• Fresh unique content
• Content relevant to search terms
• Mobile-friendly pages
• Optimised, lower-case URLs

Why Do I Need to Use SEO?

Unlike other methods of digital marketing like PPC (Pay Per Click), SEO is a practice that can be done for free. By optimising your website and creating content that is easily read by both user and search engine, your website traffic will snowball over time whereas, with paid adverts, you will have to keep paying to feature them.

Research shows 93% of all online experiences begin with using search engines, with a further 75% of people saying they don’t continue past the first page of search engine results. The top five results account for 67.60% of all clicks, which shows that your website has an exceptionally higher chance of being clicked on than if you were on the second page of search results.

By using a lead generation website like Compare My Move, you can take advantage of our free marketing and advertisement of your business. We use the latest SEO strategies as well as PPC to put your company in front of customers looking for conveyancers in your area. On top of this, we also create your very own partner page that showcases your company to potential customers.

How Can I Use SEO?

Simple methods such as content creation will improve your rank in search engine results and website traffic. Data shows that 47% of customers will view 3-5 content pieces before they use your service, with users much more likely to purchase if you can answer their initial query. Good, high ranking content creates a sense of trust and authority for your business.
75% of people claim to judge a company’s trustworthiness if a website isn’t user-friendly and a further 57% say they wouldn’t recommend a company if they have a badly structured website on mobile. By implementing SEO friendly tactics to your site, you will increase your brand reputation, too.

How Do I Benefit From SEO?

The main benefit of implementing an SEO strategy is reaching more customers. A well designed and optimised website will not only help increase traffic to your website, but it will help with user experience.

A staggering 38% of users will exit your website if they believe it is unattractive, whether that’s layout or content. This means that potential customers will be more likely to purchase your services if you have a trustworthy and user-friendly website.

The main benefits of using SEO for your conveyancing business are:

  • Increased traffic to your website
  • Higher search engine rank
  • Brand awareness
  • Build brand credibility
  • Convert more sales
  • Better user experience
  • Cost-effective

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Compare My Move



Grow your conveyancing business with Compare My Move’s high-quality leads.

Compare My Move provides UK users with verified and trusted removal, surveying and conveyancing companies to help with every step of the moving house journey.

Compare My Move was founded in 2012 by Dave Sayce and Marc Benger after 30 years of working in the removal and storage industry. Both passionate to create a product that helped both the mover and the company, Compare My Move was born with a strong emphasis on digital presence.

Compare My Move provide a first-class comparison and lead-generation service for everything moving house:

  • Licensed Conveyancer Comparison
  • RICS Chartered Surveyor Comparison
  • House Removals Comparison

How does our conveyancing service work?

We proudly offer a lead generation service for conveyancers, providing UK conveyancers with high-quality, real-time conveyancing leads across the UK. We work hard to maintain a wide-reaching, professional online presence, and use this to help our partners get more work and improve their conveyancing businesses.

UK users simply enter their details and we’ll match them with up to 4 licensed conveyancers in their local area. We also provide full details of the conveyancing process as well as writing advice articles and guides to help our users through finding and hiring a conveyancer.

How can we help your conveyancing business?

  • We attract more than 50,000 users to our website looking to move house each month.
  • Our adverts are seen by over 1.8 million home movers each year, helping to promote your business.
  • Our marketing strategies put your company in front of customers looking for conveyancers in your area.
  • We only provide you with high-quality, genuine conveyancing leads from real customers looking for a conveyancer.

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