Russell Quirk… shooting from the lip

How do we solve the home-moving conundrum?

Property industry veteran and co-founder of ProperPR Russell Quirk joins David Opie in discussion about the state of the home moving process.

In typically robust fashion, Russell challenges the conversation about the current state of play, placing the consumer at the heart of his message.

“(Through my involvement in estate agency) I genuinely see and hear the woes of those consumers. First time buyers who are bewildered. Elderly people who wanted to move in March, and don’t end up moving until June.”

Where does the solution lie? Is it the responsibility of the conveyancing sector to wake up and shake up? Is it technology? Is it culture? Do we think the home-moving process could be challenged by solutions from foreign markets, where the home move is less arduous with lower fall through rates?

Say it quietly but does the solution actually lie with estate agents…

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One Response

  1. Hats off to you David for deciding to interview Russell.

    Disappointing from Russell though. He just can’t help himself speaking some utter nonsense sometimes:

    Process not been improved since the 16th century!
    HIPs costing £500.00!
    1.5 hour intros for the HBSG!

    Unlike Russell, who prefers to try to talk a good game, there are many people spending a vast amount of their time trying to find ways to improve the process, and when it is improved (and it will be), Russell’s name will not be on the list of those who helped.

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