‘Plug and Play’: More firms set to gain access to LMS tech through their own CMS

More conveyancing firms are set to be able to access LMS’ range of digital tools through their own CMS platforms following the launch of a new “Plug and Play” solution.

LMS say the technology, developed in conjunction with Xperate, “is tackling the problem of tech accessibility across the industry, opening up possibilities for firms of all sizes to digitally transform without the need for significant investment or complex technical builds”.

As a result of the integration with their CMS, it’s hoped law firms will be able to increase efficiency while reducing time spent on admin and cutting the risk of fraud. The integration will begin with ALB and P4W.

LMS add that they hope to create “a single point of access for essential tasks”, something they suggest is “usually reserved for firms who have an ability to invest significantly in these areas”.

“Improving efficiency and accessibility in the conveyancing sector has always been a huge priority for the team at LMS and we have always believed that this is achieved through innovative industry collaboration,” said Travis Scholes, Commercial Director at LMS:

“The development of the right tech is and always has been vital, but now we’re seeing accessibility of these tools become more of an issue.

Firms shouldn’t have to spend a significant amount of time and money developing their own technology and this work with Xperate means they don’t have to.”

Mark Garnish, Chief Operating Officer at Xperate, said: 

“As a team, we have been tremendously excited about this work with LMS and seeing the technology come to life. Increasing efficiency and accessibility in the sector is a goal we’re very much aligned on.

Collaboration is the key to driving great results and improving widespread adoption in the sector, and we’re looking forward to a long-lasting relationship with LMS.”

David Holdsworth, Product Manager at Advanced, added: 

“Innovation in legal technology is always exciting and I’d like to thank LMS for reaching out to Xperate, a trusted Advanced Partner, to provide a solution that compliments both the ALB and P4W case management offering. I look forward to hearing of the positive difference this integration makes to our users.”

LMS say the trial with Xperate has resulted in multiple options for delivery which will be determined after a short discovery call with a member of the LMS team. Further CMS providers are also set be added to the provision, with SOS and Mattersphere being the next CMS platforms available.

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