Personal customer service or automated customer service – what’s the right mix?

Next-gen proptech (such as conveyancing technology) can solve many problems, but it’s crucial to find the right balance between automated systems and human customer service.

The right mix enables conveyancers to differentiate an approach to the market, and nurture their own individual reputation for understanding clients’ needs.

Paper mountains are a thing of the past, and legal software has had an impact on the speed and efficiency of conveyancing in the UK – but conveyancing technology isn’t the answer to everything. To deliver all-round superb customer service, you do need the right mix.

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Choose the right conveyancing technology

Conveyancing technology ranges from sophisticated AI (Artificial Intelligence) that delivers complex analysis at lighting speed, to simple e-signature software, speeding up exchange of documentation. But at the heart of your business, sit your customers. Their details must be curated, protected, and managed intelligently.

By choosing software that aligns naturally or integrates with your CRM (Client Relationship Management system), you can be sure your team has the most up to date details to hand. The right mix of software can then automate many of their business-as-usual tasks, and improve your team’s efficiency and effectiveness in various ways, such as:

  • automatically generating documentation
  • creating detailed invoices with explanations for any updates
  • scheduling appointments, managing diaries
  • sending onboarding forms out to clients and new employees
  • reminding clients about payments, offering an online payment option
  • capturing, organising and making it easier to share legal knowledge
  • keeping your client communications ordered, safe, and consistent

As a complete solution, it might create workflows that trigger automated follow-ups, like:

  • reminders for document submissions
  • appointment reminders and telephone follow ups
  • a programmed check on conflicts of interest
  • regular updates on case progress
  • updates about legal changes, new resources or market news
  • engaging clients with feedback requests

When you have great tools communicating milestones like that automatically to your clients, your team can focus even more on tailoring the personal side of your business.

Using technology to engage with clients

By automating many parts of the conveyancing process – such as client onboarding, for example – your team can also spend much less time double-keying data, quoting, or doing basic administration. But that workflow can be shared with clients too, and these online interfaces are known as ‘dashboards’. Clients usually log in via your website.

A good dashboard offers instant reassurance, day and night – often, clients state poor communications, or a lack of updates is their biggest bug bear. Via a dashboard however, property insights and company searches can be shared quickly and with confidence about security; and clients who get instant satisfaction are more likely to recommend your services.

Not everyone wants to work online yet. Often, all people want to do is talk to another person. It’s vital to choose a tech provider that’s explored those peoples’ needs as they created their online systems. Chatbots, clearly signposted helplines, and step-by-step instructions for using the dashboard can make a huge difference and show clients you’re conscious of their needs.

Helping clients to help you find the right mix

Your business is unique, as is your client mix. Getting the right mix of human customer service and automated customer service is a milestone, as it helps you differentiate your proposition in a competitive conveyancing landscape.

With ongoing market-presence in mind, the most successful firms we speak to also canvas all of their clients post-completion. Software can capture those insights, and present them in a way that demystifies growth – who to target, how to capture their interest, and how best to deliver the right mix of customer service in a ways that’s appreciated.

At Searchflow, we’re proud of achieving a 100% CSAT score for customer service, and it’s through that kind of analysis we’re determined to maintain the rating. In the same way we’re keen to share insights and learn about your needs, we’d like to show you how conveyancing tech can deliver a better mix of customer service to your clients.

Discover more in our Guide: The SearchFlow guide to technology for conveyancers


‘What would the best mix of technology look like for my law firm today?’

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At SearchFlow, we offer an open invitation to talk about proptech, search services, data, time savings and the cost efficiencies available via our platforms and conveyancing technologies.

We work closely with law firms up and down the country, every single day, to build a clear and deep understanding of what conveyancers need most. We’d love to talk.

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