Elevating the property transaction experience: tmgroup sets sights on world-class customer service

The property transaction is challenging enough, and in an evolving climate where technology solutions can lighten the administrative and legislative workloads, property is still very much a people business at its heart. Property search and

The vast majority of negligence claims against conveyancers are for relatively low sums of money, but the financial and reputational costs for dealing with them can be much higher. Most claims are avoidable if conveyancers

Fraud poses a significant challenge for residential conveyancers, with criminals often attempting to exploit the transaction process for money laundering purposes. The consequences extend beyond dissatisfied clients who fall victim to fraudulent activities. Conveyancers may

Just hours after announcing the acquisition of Lawtech Software Group, TM Group won Supporting the Industry Award at last night’s British Conveyancing Awards in London. This Award recognises our achievements through our digital Post Completion

tmgroup, a leading technology services and property search provider to the conveyancing sector, is marking National Conveyancing Week 2024 with a focus on managing risk within the residential conveyancing process. The property transaction is subject

Indemnity insurance policies can be an effective strategy for getting transactions through smoothly where title defects, lack of Building Regulations or breaches of restrictive Covenants come to light. This approach is widely accepted by lenders,


Mining is a major factor requiring searches and risk assessment in residential property transactions today. It not only offers protection to the buyer, but it is often a mandatory requirement of lenders, particularly where the

In 2023, anti-money laundering compliance experienced significant developments and legislative changes, encompassing updates in LSAG guidance and discrepancy reporting, and the handling of ‘underground banking’ risks. The heightened risks are underscored by the SRA’s annual

From time to time during the conveyancing process, title defects may come to light, or time constraints or delays may force transactions to proceed with no searches or expired searches in place. How legal firms


Conveyancing has become increasingly more complex as the years have gone on, with more information, more technology and more tools. Conveyancers can manage their environmental risks more effectively if they know the right questions to

Cyber-attacks on law firms are on the rise.  The SRA’s Risk Outlook report revealed criminals are employing more diverse and aggressive strategies, such as modifying emails, spyware, ransomware and hacking to access legal firm’s systems.

The property transaction is subject to many potential risks and legal firms are coming under increasing pressure in their obligations to prevent and identify financial crimes, and protect their clients’ interests during their transactions. The


In the ever-evolving conveyancing landscape, legal firms find themselves navigating a minefield of potential risks. Pressure continues to mount on these firms to meet heightened obligations in preventing and identifying financial crime, all while safeguarding

Legal professionals are invited to join a free residential conveyancing update webinar on 23rd January, courtesy of searches and conveyancing data specialists, tmgroup and IQ Legal Training, setting the tone for a successful start to


The rapid expansion of AI technology is stirring debate in the conveyancing industry about its potential benefits and pitfalls, leaving many wondering what role it will play and how far it will transform the way

tmgroup is pleased to announce the promotion of Jonathan Stebbings to the new position of Chief Commercial Officer, taking responsibility for driving the conveyancing data and service company’s revenue generation, business growth, and profitability. Jonathan


tmgroup is celebrating its fifth year of supporting conveyancers with integrated Post Completion services, with digital AP1 applications reaching record submission rates and a host of new system functionalities and service enhancements, for an even


Matt Joy joined TM Group Management Team in 2018. He co-founded Conveyancing Data Service Ltd (CDS) in 2010 which he sold to TM Group in 2018, staying on to develop the two businesses even further.


Paul Albone joined TM Group in 2002 and helped establish it as the market leader through the early years of the property search market. After a 21 year career at TM Group Paul has decided,


Paul joined TM Group in 2002 and helped establish it as the market leader through the early years of the property search market. After a 21 year career at TM Group Paul has decided, by