STL Group

STL Group is the largest independent property search company in England and Wales. We have been meeting the needs of legal, conveyancing and other property professionals for nearly 40 years, earning a solid and enviable reputation for high quality, fast and reliable service.

As a totally independent search provider, we believe in:

  • building long term relationships with our clients
  • presenting a friendlier and less corporate face
  • offering flexible services tailored to your specific needs – from order and delivery methods through to bespoke search packs
  • providing real, tested solutions that increase efficiency, reduce expenditure and reduce risk

Our services extend throughout England and Wales, from an inpidual home to a large scale residential or commercial development or portfolio.

As a one-stop-shop, we offer a comprehensive range of services including:

  • Land Registry documents
  • local authority searches – as well as providing official searches, we specialise in providing personal searches which subscribe to the Search Code (the ‘gold standard’ for search quality, which is recognised by Government, the CML, BSA and lenders nationwide) and benefit from a £2 million Information Accuracy Indemnity on top of our £8 million PI
  • drainage & water searches – personal and CON29DW
  • environment, flood and mining reports
  • planning and development risk reports
  • utility reports
  • chancel reports

We also offer:

  • Title and legal indemnity insurance
  • EPCs
  • Home Condition Surveys
  • asbestos reports
  • fire risk assessments
  • air conditioning reports and a range of other surveys
  • company searches
  • an anti-money laundering solution

What our clients say about us:

  • “flexible and comprehensive”
  • “they care about our business”
  • “tailor made service”
  • “solid, reliable, trustworthy”
  • “value for money time after time”
  • “helpful and responsive"


Firms & People

STL – we’re growing, we’re moving!

We are delighted to announce that from Monday 30 January 2017 we will be moving to a brand new office in Central Woking; this is another milestone in STL’s 42-year history. Our current location, St Johns (a small suburb of Woking) has served us well but we are now well beyond capacity and we still […]Read More


New Year, New Coal Search!

STL are delighted to start the New Year by offering a new search from Terrafirma – TerraSearch® Coal Extra, a Con29M-compliant coal mining report, with additional non-coal mining hazard alerts. This search meets all the requirements set by the UK Law Society for Conveyancer due diligence. It is supported by Terrafirma’s comprehensive terms and conditions, which provide […]Read More


VAT applied to CON29 council searches – time to reconsider?

Due to recent changes introduced by HMRC, the search industry has been advised that Local Authorities will be required to apply VAT, at its current 20% rate, to CON29 fees from 3 January 2017. Ipsos MORI Local Land Charges Survey Highlights Personal Search Quality Interestingly, recent research – ‘Local Land Charges Survey’ conducted by Ipsos […]Read More


Japanese Knotweed: STL mitigates the impact of this growing risk

STL have launched their unique Japanese Knotweed Hazard Alert and associated insurance policy to the conveyancing industry and within an hour of launch orders were received. This alert automatically notifies conveyancers of the risk of Japanese Knotweed at each and every residential property during the transaction process. Conveyancers can then immediately purchase an insurance policy […]Read More


It’s Chriiiiiiiiiiistmaaaaaaas!

Don’t panic. Our FREE Express Search Service will help you get those completions sorted by the end of the year. Send multiple search requests on one email – let us do the work. Time is short, everyone needs to complete the transaction “yesterday”. We know that the last thing you are doing right now is […]Read More


Still in the pink

One year on and STL are still in the pink. The support from InfoTrack has allowed them to surpass all expectations both financially and operationally. Innovation Over the course of the last 12 months STL has exceeded their reputation as the innovative force in the industry. Developments include a raft of new products, a significantly […]Read More


No planning or building regs?…No problem

Need insurance for your client in case the local planning authority come knocking? If your client is at risk, you are at risk but don’t worry, we can help. By ordering your searches through STL you are only clicks away from a solution. The devil – the detail: enforcement action When a breach of the […]Read More


When is change of use too much change?

The ever increasing pressure for housing supply has seen a marked increase in change of use applications for conversion of office blocks to multiple apartments. However, care must be taken by commercial conveyancers and their clients on the setting and suitability of their proposals. Paul Addison from DevAssist says: “There is a clear need to […]Read More


Legal indemnity insurance: bespoke and by phone

Need to speak to an expert about a bespoke insurance policy? That isn’t a problem if you order your legal indemnity insurance through STL. Our support team at CLS will consider any request by carefully examining the triggers that could potentially bring about a claim. How could they be defended? For example, in the case […]Read More


Bird & Bird liable for £2 million

Leading solicitors Bird & Bird has just been found liable in the High Court for a £2 million breach of duty after failing to advise their client of a planning application close to a £25 million property. Given the huge liability exposure, Paul Addison from DevAssist asks: “How much more do you need to convince […]Read More


A wave of housing hits rural paradise

The impact of large scale urban expansions on rural villages is being felt deeply across many pockets of rural England. These waves of development proposals form part of growth hubs laid down by the government to satisfy housing demand and create regional employment opportunities – but they are being met with fierce opposition. One such […]Read More


Acquisition of STL Group plc by InfoTrack Ltd

STL Group plc was acquired by InfoTrack Ltd on 28th November 2014. Established for over 40 years, STL Group plc is the largest independent search provider in the UK, providing residential and commercial conveyancing searches, company searches, anti-money laundering solutions, EPCs and conveyancing indemnity policies. InfoTrack is Australia’s market-leading and fastest growing legal information provider. […]Read More


STL launches new enhanced search

STL has launched an enhanced Regulated (Personal) Local Authority Search which includes: – A unique new interactive ‘Summary for Conveyancers’ — this identifies key points and matters revealed (which conveyancers may wish to highlight to clients or investigate further), recommendations for further actions and details of any hazards identified for the property address – an […]Read More