InfoTrack’s new conveyancing searching platform now launched in the UK

InfoTrack’s new conveyancing searching platform now launched in the UK

InfoTrack is delighted to announce the launch of its state-of-the-art conveyancing search platform for England and Wales.

With the same industry-leading technology that has seen InfoTrack grow to a 5,400+ Australian client base, firms across the UK can now benefit from having a single search provider for all searching needs. The InfoTrack website provides all Land Registry searches, local authority and drainage and water searches, Companies House searches and documents as well as Anti-Money Laundering checks on companies and individuals. With a clear vision and an aggressive development growth strategy, this is just the beginning for InfoTrack.

All conveyancing searches ordered via InfoTrack will be processed by STL which was acquired by InfoTrack in November 2014. Operating for over 40 years STL is the 4th largest search provider in England and Wales.

STL will process all searches to the speed and high standards that have set the benchmark across the industry. STL’s CEO, Alan Thorogood, says: “We are thrilled to be part of the InfoTrack group of companies. Since their arrival, we have increased our workforce by approximately 15% to cater for an increasing number of clients and resultant workload.” And it doesn’t stop there for Alan who goes on to say, “Conveyancing searches are our expertise, it’s what we do with excellence – we are constantly focussed on the quality of searches and turnaround times and we believe we set the industry standards for both.”

Scott Bozinis, CEO of InfoTrack UK adds: “The InfoTrack team have worked tirelessly to build and launch our new intuitive platform. We are over the moon with the result and could not ask for better, more positive feedback from early adopters of the system. We look forward to welcoming hundreds of firms over the next few months who will enjoy the multitude of benefits that the online system offers.” Scott went on to say, “Working with STL makes us a real powerhouse in the market. We know we are introducing a market-leading platform in today’s market. With competitive pricing, quality products and fast turnaround times we are excited about the benefits we will be offering our clients.”

STL Group

STL Group is the largest independent property search company in England and Wales. We have been meeting the needs of legal, conveyancing and other property professionals for nearly 40 years, earning a solid and enviable reputation for high quality, fast and reliable service.

As a totally independent search provider, we believe in:

  • building long term relationships with our clients
  • presenting a friendlier and less corporate face
  • offering flexible services tailored to your specific needs – from order and delivery methods through to bespoke search packs
  • providing real, tested solutions that increase efficiency, reduce expenditure and reduce risk

Our services extend throughout England and Wales, from an inpidual home to a large scale residential or commercial development or portfolio.

As a one-stop-shop, we offer a comprehensive range of services including:

  • Land Registry documents
  • local authority searches – as well as providing official searches, we specialise in providing personal searches which subscribe to the Search Code (the ‘gold standard’ for search quality, which is recognised by Government, the CML, BSA and lenders nationwide) and benefit from a £2 million Information Accuracy Indemnity on top of our £8 million PI
  • drainage & water searches – personal and CON29DW
  • environment, flood and mining reports
  • planning and development risk reports
  • utility reports
  • chancel reports

We also offer:

  • Title and legal indemnity insurance
  • EPCs
  • Home Condition Surveys
  • asbestos reports
  • fire risk assessments
  • air conditioning reports and a range of other surveys
  • company searches
  • an anti-money laundering solution

What our clients say about us:

  • “flexible and comprehensive”
  • “they care about our business”
  • “tailor made service”
  • “solid, reliable, trustworthy”
  • “value for money time after time”
  • “helpful and responsive"


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