New guide tackles lack of empathy in law firms

A free guide has been launched to help lawyers improve their reputation for client care, build more valuable relationships with clients, reduce client churn and maximise profits.

The guide, developed by Moneypenny, includes include practical tips to improve empathy in legal practice and ensure employees’ use of language hits the mark. It also addresses the importance of active listening and the need for empathetic leadership, plus it also includes a short quiz to help firms ascertain just how empathetic they are.

Joanna Swash, CEO of Moneypenny, said:

“This guide reminds lawyers of the commercial necessity for empathy and shows how they can ingrain it into their practices and service delivery – reassuring clients that they’re not only being heard but also listened to and understood.

The pandemic has changed the relationships we have with each other – our peers, colleagues, and clients – and it’s made human connection more appreciated than ever. The legal business winners of the last two years prioritised empathy and have reaped the financial rewards for doing so. But as the world returns to normal, we have to make sure we don’t forget the importance of these behaviours.”

Bernadette Bennett, head of the legal sector at Moneypenny, said:

“[Empathy] underpins how we connect with others and has the power to transform reputation. Actively listening and displaying empathy not only puts nervous and vulnerable clients at ease but offers valuable insights that can shape service delivery, and put you at the forefront of your market.”

The guide was developed with insight from emotional intelligence expert and founder of the EI Evolution, Sandra Thompson. Sandra is the first Goleman emotional intelligence coach in the UK and an experienced customer experience management consultant. Sandra Thompson said:

“Neuroscience tells us that it’s impossible to know exactly how someone else is feeling, yet the value of demonstrating that you’re doing your best to understand is huge – particularly when it comes to business. Brilliant client service experiences are built on empathetic interactions. That’s how you keep your clients loyal and make your employees feel empowered.”

The guide is available to download for free on Moneypenny’s website, here

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