Moving to a hybrid workplace

Moving to a hybrid workplace

Join us for the legal services event aimed at preparing law firms for the relaxing of lockdown restrictions in the UK. The time has come to embrace a hybrid working model and set your partners and fee earners up for success.

Date & Time: 25/05/2021, 10am (duration 2 hrs incl. Q&A)

The UK Government has set a date of no earlier than 21st June for removing all legal limits on social contact. This could tentatively be considered as the “back to normal” date.

At that point, they will want to stimulate the economy and, to help that, are likely to promote returning to the office.

UK law firms need to prepare for hybrid working as the pandemic has initiated a sea change in our views of what work is. Work is now considered more what we do, rather than where we go.

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Meet Our Speakers

  • Preparing For The Future Workplace: Research-Backed Legal Insight
    • Jo Summers: Client Development Director, Acritas (Part Of Thomson Reuters)
  • Implementing It Change Projects Fit For The New Legal Workplace
    • David Baskerville: Director And Lead Consultant, Baskerville Drummond Group
  • Managing Your Staff And Instilling Company Culture Remotely
    • Alex Holt: Director Of Business Development, The Cashroom
  • Today’s Cyber Security Risks For The Modern Law Firm
    • Jennifer Williams: CTO, Lawyer Checker
  • IT For Smart Law Firms – Developing A Smart Device Strategy
    • Paul Butterworth: Head Of Sales, Atlas Cloud

Plan now for the return to the “new normal” and join our virtual event on the future of the modern legal workplace.


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Dye & Durham

Dye & Durham







Dye & Durham UK is one of the largest providers of property information services in England and Wales, allowing legal and business professionals access to an extensive network of data and insights related to:

  • Environmental and flood
  • Local authority and land charges
  • Planning, drainage, and water
  • Mining and subsidence
  • Chancel liabilities, and much more.

Through our various products, customers can perform CQS standard searches, access Law Society forms, and integrate with HMRC and HMLR through our cloud-based platform. We help firms improve the precision, confidence, and rigour of their operations. Our standardised and automated workflows provide greater operational efficiency and productivity.

Our team are leading experts in environmental risk, ground and climate hazards, conveyancing risk and fraud prevention. Bringing together the foresight of Terrafirma, the data expertise of Future Climate Info, and the operational confidence of Lawyer Checker, Dye & Durham provides best-in-class complete due diligence solutions for property transactions.

​Dye & Durham Limited provides critical information services and workflows, which clients use to manage their process, information, and regulatory requirements. The Company has operations in Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia.

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Dye & Durham, 2440 The Quadrant, Aztec West Business Park, Bristol, BS32 4AQ , United Kingdom

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