Legal Bricks have helped to streamline our conveyancing process: a case study from Glover Priest Solicitors

Legal Bricks have helped to streamline our conveyancing process: a case study from Glover Priest Solicitors


Glover Priest Solicitors are a West Midlands based firm with 7 offices in Birmingham, Staffordshire and Northamptonshire.

They offer a range of personal and business legal services, including a thriving conveyancing practice and have been clients of Legal Bricks for around 10 years. They use Legal Bricks to provide their conveyancing searches and additionally use the quotation portal, the client on-boarding and AML/ Biometric ID checking service and Indemnity Insurance products.

Legal Bricks have helped to streamline the conveyancing process

“We previously used 5 different portals and now just use the Legal Bricks portal. It does everything we need and it’s brilliantly simple and easy to use.” Ian Bury, Glover Priest Solicitors.

Previously, Glover Priest used around 5 different portals in order to fulfil all the various stages of onboarding and client information needed as part of a conveyancing transaction which meant that the process was pretty laborious and time-heavy. Using Legal Bricks means that everything has been streamlined to one portal, making everything instantly so much easier.

The conveyancing process has been streamlined and transactions are much speedier. Previously the conveyancers had no visibility of the progress of their transaction and the progress their clients were making in filling out all the required documentation. Now they have easy access and updates on what is going on and communicate directly with clients using the secure messaging feature.

Glover Priest still have clients who like or prefer to come physically in to the office to fill in forms and they continue to offer this if it’s a particular preference of their clients. Previously they had around 25% of conveyancing clients visiting their offices but with the introduction of the portal from Legal Bricks this has reduced to less than 10%, so again it has allowed the conveyancing team to be much more streamlined in terms of service delivery whilst still maintaining all the same level of detail and compliance needed.

Why Glover Priest Solicitors chose to work with Legal Bricks

“For us, it’s the service from Legal Bricks which is a key differentiator. We’ve built up a great relationship and we know that we can speak to them anytime.” Ian Bury, Glover Priest Solicitors.

Legal Bricks and Glover Priest Solicitors have built up a really good working relationship over the last ten years. Glover Priest have a dedicated account manager who they can speak to at any time. They can pick up the phone and are always made to feel welcome, where things are made simple and no request is too much hassle. The key is the simplicity of the solutions which Legal Bricks provide.

Glover Priest were very involved in testing the design and features in the initial roll-out and are very pleased with the way everything works. The conveyancing team have adopted its use really easily and all that was needed was a 1 hour training session to get everybody up to speed, which is testament to how straightforward the onboarding portal is.

“Legal Bricks’ client portal is most effective in its simplicity. Our conveyancers were up to speed and ready to use it after a 1 hour training session.”

Please see for more information on the full suite of products and services.

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Legal Bricks

Legal Bricks specialise in simplifying the conveyancing process for Solicitors, Estate Agents and Consumers. We do this by offering 3 marketing leading solutions:

LB Law – our cutting-edge platform specifically built for Solicitors reduces conveyancing transaction times by up to 30% and simplifies the client on-boarding process. Via LB-Law, you can:

  • Comprehensively quote clients in under 60 seconds
  • Order Searches, AML and Biometric Face scanning ID Checks, Indemnity Insurance and more
  • Track Conversion rates, profitability and stats

LB-Property – Designed for Estate Agents, we aim to reduce chaser calls and emails, whilst building stronger relationships with law firm partners. Via LB-Property, you can:

  • Quote, instruct and track progress of your conveyancing cases, in real-time
  • Order AML and Biometric face Scanning ID Checks, EPC’s, Floor Plans, Property Photography, 360 Virtual Tours and more

LB Connect – Built with consumers in mind, we offer a clean and simple platform, which is branded with your law firms logo and colours.  Via LB-Connect, your clients can:

  • E-Sign documents and complete protocol forms online electronically
  • Message you directly from their mobile or tablet
  • View key milestones and updates through the system


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  • So 90 per cent of clients prefer the technological approach

    When will all conveyancers be required to give prospective clients a clear online understanding of their use of technology before on boarding so that they can make an informed decision on whether to choose them?

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