Landmark announces its conveyance reports are ‘Flood Re ready’ as new reinsurance scheme launches

Landmark announces its conveyance reports are ‘Flood Re ready’ as new reinsurance scheme launches

Landmark Information Group announce all of its residential flood risk reports now include updated insurability guidance in light of today’s launch of the Flood Re reinsurance scheme.

Landmark Information Group, the UK’s leading supplier of digital mapping, property, land and environmental risk data, has today announced that all of its residential flood risk reports, in addition to those broader reports that carry a flood assessment, now include updated insurability guidance in light of today’s launch of the Flood Re reinsurance scheme.

As from today, Landmark’s RiskView Residential, HomeCheck Professional Flood, FloodSolutions Residence, SiteSolutions Residence and the Know Your Flood Risk reports include a High, Moderate or Low flood risk rating, and provide a view on whether insurance is both available and affordable for the given address – whether it’s via Flood Re for the most ‘at risk’ properties, or via the general market for the lower risk addresses. Links to Flood Re’s advice pages are also included within the reports.

Rob Phillipson, Sales & Product Director at Landmark Information Group: “More than ever before consumers need clear advice on the level of flood risk at a given address. By being armed with the best possible information, they can make better informed decisions when purchasing a property so they enter a transaction ‘eyes wide open’; we offer a suite of reports to ensure appropriate assessment is available for every type of transaction. Our fully-interpreted desktop risk reports deliver the data in a pragmatic and easy to digest way. They include a simple explanation of what Flood Re is and professional, independent commentary from a flood risk consultant. This combination of data and knowledge will allow consumers to understand flood risk and insurance cover, prior to the completion of the transaction.”

Flood Re is a reinsurance scheme that is today launching to help provide access to affordable insurance cover for the homes that are considered most ‘at risk’ of flooding – an estimated 350,000 properties. It will do this by spreading the cost and risk across the entire home insurance industry and will be funded by insurers.

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About Landmark Information

Landmark Information is the UK’s leading provider of land and property search information, including digital mapping and environmental risk reports for property professionals.

It provides environmental, planning and other location-based risk information to the residential and commercial property sectors in England, Wales and Scotland, supporting legal and conveyancing professionals in their property due diligence, in line with the Law Society and SRA requirements.  

Landmark’s data and reports interpret risk and provide clear, concise guidance and solutions (where risk is identified) to ensure that conveyancers meet regulatory requirements, as well as ensuring transactions progress as smoothly as possible with purchasers able to make fully-informed decisions.

Landmark’s RiskView all-in-one environmental reports, offer a unique online viewer to help legal professionals and consumers understand and visualise potential risks at a given address. It provides concise and easy-to-interpret Contaminated Land, Flood, Ground Hazards and Energy & Infrastructure risk data, as well as interactive maps and further information for the buyer.  RiskView reports are available for both residential and commercial transactions.

In addition, the Landmark Academy was launched to help property lawyers and conveyancers meet the evolving training requirements, while maintaining competencies. The Academy provides guidance on Landmark reports, includes on-demand webinars and a range of supporting materials, and is available to access free of charge.

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