Land Registry eDespatch launching 13th July

Land Registry eDespatch launching 13th July

On 13th July, Land Registry will introduce eDespatch for users of its online portal.

The majority of Land Registry users send their applications online through their portal, rather than through the post and will consequently receive their results on the digital portal. The Land Registry are now seeking to expand these electronic communications further through the launch of eDespatch.

After 13th July, any firm which has a portal account and sends an application through the post to the Land Registry will now receive the application results online in the portal’s PDF download area, rather than through the post.

There remains the exception, where first registrations will be returned by post. Likewise firms which are not signed up to the online portal will continue to obtain their results in the post.

The benefit of these changes is to allow firms who are signed up to the portal, to choose whether to see all their organisation’s downloads, new downloads or previously viewed downloads, and apply a filter for one of four categories:

  • My downloads
  • Business unit downloads
  • Postal applications downloads
  • Another user’s downloads

The Land Registry have been developing eDespatch since last summer, delaying a projected winter launch in order to make changes as put forward by their customers. For example, following feedback, the system will now enable firms to filter searches more effectively through searching by title number and customer reference.

Searching by title number should be very helpful when a colleague is on annual leave. For example, a user can select ‘Another User’s Downloads’ category, enter a colleague’s name, then search for documents relating to a specific title number.

You can be notified when a Land Registry application has been completed by setting up an RSS feed which will notify you either through Microsoft Outlook or your internet browser.

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