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How to increase conveyancing fees

In this episode of the Today’s Conveyancer podcast, host David Opie is joined by solicitor and Director at Big Yellow Penguin Ltd Shaun Jardine to discuss the opportunity for conveyancing firms to charge more for their work.

Value is in the eye of the beholder, so they saying goes, and Shaun, an experienced ex-Managing Partner of a large Midlands law firm, outlines his view of how firms are undervaluing their service.

In an “unscientific LinkedIn survey” Shaun established that 78% of consumers would pay over £2000 for the conveyance of a property worth £650,000. And yet, a subsequent online search found that none of the online quotation engines tested provided a figure any where near that.

In the course of the illuminating discussion Shaun discusses his tactics for helping conveyancing firms understand the needs and wants of home movers, before providing a price.

And if the client doesn’t want to pay it, walk away, because it’s not worth your time.

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