Homebuyers bow out of property searches as clocks go back, research reveals

New research has found that 54% of homebuyers are less likely to view potential properties now that the clocks have gone back, as 84% believe you can’t properly view a home in the dark, meaning sellers could struggle even more in what has become a tricky market to sell in recent months.

The survey of UK homebuyers, commissioned by House Buyer Bureau, found that 77% of homebuyers prefer to view a property during the day, with just 2% stating that they would rather view at night time and 21% preferring a combination of both.

What’s more, 84% of homebuyers feel you can’t properly view a property in the dark, an opinion that could prove problematic for the nation’s home sellers now that the clocks have come back, as come mid-December we’ll enjoy less than eight hours of sunlight in a day.

In fact, 54% of those surveyed said that now the clocks have gone back, they would be less likely to view potential properties during the evening hours. As a result, sellers could find it even harder to find a buyer in cooling market conditions, with the latest Gov figures showing that transaction levels have already started to drop in what has increasingly become a buyers market.

55% of buyers state that they would take time off during their week days in order to view a property they were interested in. 66% also said they would be willing to dedicate a larger proportion of their weekends to viewings during daylight hours to make up for the time missed during the week.

Managing Director of House Buyer Bureau, Chris Hodgkinson, commented:

“We can probably all agree that you simply can’t view a property in its full potential in the dark and so it’s understandable that as the nights draw in, the nation’s buyers will be reducing the number of evening viewings they attend. Of course, this poses a problem for those looking to sell as they will no longer be able to showcase their home as regularly as they could during the summer months.

The latest figures show that transactions have already started to fall and this is a direct result of dwindling buyer demand due largely to higher mortgage rates. So not only are sellers now contending with less interest within the market, they will now find it even harder to convert any potential interest to a sale due to less viewing opportunities throughout the week.

For those who are truly motivated to find a buyer and want to sell their house quickly, flexibility is key in current market conditions. It’s vital you make yourself as available as possible not only during daytime hours within the week, but also at the weekends.”

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