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HMLR Practice Guide updates: PG11 and PG37

HM Land Registry has released details of changes to two practice guides.

Inspection and application for official copies (PG11)

Page summary:
How to apply to inspect or obtain official copies of leases and charges referred to in the register (practice guide 11).

Change made:
Sections 4.1 and 6 have been amended to clarify we will reject applications in forms OC1 or OC2 where panel 5 has not been completed.

Objections and disputes: HM Land Registry practice and procedures (PG37)

Page summary:
Information on HM Land Registry practice and procedures relating to objections to registrations and disputes (practice guide 37).

Change made:
Section 3 has been amended to include details of our practice on extending the period allowed for negotiations, which we will not usually do unless there are exceptional circumstances.

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