Get more from your search provider

Get more from your search provider

At Searches UK we value our clients and take time to understand your conveyancing search needs. As market leaders in England and Wales, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive range of products and services that we can make bespoke for your individual needs.

With this in mind, we produce searches to your required time frames, find packages that work for you and are open to discuss cases and enquiries in detail to help you optimise our services as your search provider.

Our dedicated team of experts produce accurate, up-to-date reports in addition to using their extensive local knowledge of the property market.

We offer a vast range of products and services, and we understand that each client has different needs, so we have made it possible for each individual client to ‘pick & mix’ our services to find the perfect fit for them.

With our tailored service, you can choose from any of the below services and mix them with any of our added value benefits;

Residential and Commercial Conveyancing Searches

  • Council & Regulated Local Authority Searches
  • Council & Personal Drainage & Water Searches
  • Environmental Searches
  • Transport Searches
  • Flood Searches
  • Chancel Searches
  • Mining Searches
  • Planning Searches
  • Utility Searches and many more…

Wills and Probate Searches

Searches UK work in partnership with Certainty, the National Will Register, to locate Wills which are presumed unwritten or unattainable as well as offering Financial Asset Searches.

Our Financial Asset Searches, which are available exclusively to legal practitioners and probate professionals, will help identify all lost or forgotten financial assets, allowing you to fulfill your due diligence requirements.

Lawyer Checker

Lawyer Checker allows Conveyancers to check the previous use of client accounts to which they are sending funds, ensuring you adequately protect your client’s money helping them to combat the increasing risk of vendor conveyancer fraud.

AML ID Checks

Verify your clients quickly and easily by using the Searches UK AML Electronic ID Check. Our checks interrogate a multitude of electronic data sets for international and domestic members of public.

Company Searches

These searches provide valuable information and insight about the people you are doing business with to allow you to make informed business decisions about potential partners, suppliers or clients. Revealing financial stability, understanding how long a company has been trading, their associated business histories including related companies, CCJs etc. gives you a business advantage and added security when working with other companies.


TitleChecker® offers a summarized result for property detail, ownership and use – where the report identifies matters which require attention or may be critical, details from the OC1 and CML Handbook are provided.

Land Registry Searches

Searches UK provide a variety of searches which are carried out by the Land Registry.

Indemnity Policies

Purchasing a property is sometimes associated with costly risks such as chancel liability, lack of building regulation and planning permissions; however we can provide indemnity insurance policies that can help cover and safeguard homebuyers from these issues.

It is important to us that you get the most out of your search provider, so we have a comprehensive range of added value benefits that can be added to any order. Searches UK offer a superior range of benefits for our clients, compared to any other search provider; this is to ensure that our clients receive the highest level of customer service possible.

Our range of Added Value Benefits include;

Buyer Protect Reimbursement Scheme

Searches UK understand the stresses associated with buying a property or moving home, and recognise the expensive capital outlay for homebuyers. With an estimated 1 in 3 property transactions failing to complete, we now offer all clients processing search orders through us access to our exclusive and unique Buyer Protect Reimbursement Scheme. When this product is added to an order, should the property transaction fall through, the homebuyer could be reimbursed valuation fees, non-refundable arrangement fees, broker fees, solicitor’s fees & disbursement costs.*

Search Protect Reimbursement Scheme

It is now easier to protect the investment of homebuyers. At Searches UK we recognise that property transactions sometimes do not go to plan, that’s why we developed our exclusive Search Protect Reimbursement Scheme which protects the costs of your search fees if the transaction fails. All clients have access to this scheme and when the product is added to an order homebuyers can protect their money should the transaction fail.*

Account Plus

Account Plus provides law firms with membership to the 360 Legal Group scheme, funded by Searches UK. This is a fantastic program which offers a variety of benefits to clients in dealing with the management of their firm and providing effective tools to improve the way your business is run, including helplines, strategic, corporate structure, compliance, tax and cost reduction reviews and access to CPD seminars and annual forums.*

Case Management Systems

Searches UK work with a number of providers of case management systems which are designed to streamline your conveyancing process, making it easier for you and your clients to view any data relating to the property transaction. Reports can be generated to view the performance of cases and showing key stage milestones to help reduce risk and support your firm’s COLP and COFA with their monitoring and reporting responsibilities.

CPD Courses and Webinars

Searches UK firmly believe in providing insightful and informative training sessions – we have teamed up with a number of industry experts, including Groundsure, Landmark, Legal Eye, DevAssist, St Giles, Lexsure and others to ensure we are able to keep our clients up to date and informed.

Compliance Checks

High standards of risk and compliance have become increasingly important to Solicitors and Conveyancers working in the property industry so we’re pleased to offer a FREE mini compliance check, in conjunction with Legal Eye, to review your firm’s client care letter, estimate of fees and disbursements, terms of business, website and email footers.

Risk and Compliance Services

We actively embrace the culture which is fast becoming a requirement for any strong business to adhere to and offer all our client support in this area as well as access to material to help improve their risk and compliance practices and processes.

Lead Generation

We are known for helping our clients increase conveyancing business and one of the ways we do this is by providing them with high quality conveyancing leads and instructions. We can provide both National and Area Specific leads in numbers to suit your Conveyancing Department’s needs and dependent on the volume of searches being placed with Searches UK.*

Quick Quote

Quick Quote is a platform designed to help grow conveyancing volumes, improve customer delivery and save time and money. It enables you to connect with agents, intermediaries and clients to enhance your customer service and secure more business.*

To find out more about Searches UKs products and services, contact us on: [email protected].

*Terms and conditions apply

Searches UK

Searches UK is one of the country's leading Conveyancing Search providers.  Founded on the idea that you can combine first-class service with accurate and reliable conveyancing searches without having to compromise, it is our goal to ensure you get the results you need quickly and efficiently.

We offer the full range of conveyancing searches, for both residential and conveyancing transactions, which can be ordered along with our Buyer Protect Scheme if required, ensuring that your clients benefit from our unique reimbursement scheme and are protected from some of the associated costs, should the transaction not complete.  We also offer a wide range of title insurance and indemnity policies and can provide fast turnaround times on EPCs, AML ID checks, Asbestos Surveys and Fire Risk Assessments too.

All our searches are backed with fully comprehensive PI insurance, giving you complete confidence and peace of mind.

We don't use call centres, so when you choose Searches UK, you get direct dial access to one of our skilled conveyancing search specialists, who will have the knowledge and expertise to ensure you get the most accurate results possible at the best value for money.

At Searches UK we understand the difficulties you face in dealing with your risk and compliance obligations and we have ourselves been applauded by Legal Eye for having extremely robust systems in place.  In July 2012 we became the first search provider to have been awarded the Legal Eye Quality Standard.

As well as being an appointed representative of First Title Insurance plc, which is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority under registration number 202103.

Contact: Searches UK

Tel: 01273 776625

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