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Steven Hill, Managing Director at Case Management System provider Denovo BI joins Today’s Conveyancer Podcast host David Opie to discuss technology, case management, and the challenge of working across Scottish and English jurisdictions.

Steven talks about his history with the business  over 18 years and his recent promotion to the role of Managing Director. Denovo BI started out life as an accounts system catering for England & Wales, and Scottish legal systems. In their development since, and as they have introduced case and matter management into their portfolio, they have retained this cross-jurisdictional  compatibility.

Steven explains the challenges from a technology and workflow point of view presented by the front-end conveyancing process in Scotland, where much more of the legal process is captured at the start of the transaction, and the “last-minute” process in England and Wales

The conversation moves onto the changing legal landscape which for Steven has shifted dramatically since he joined the business. Case and matter management should be a single source of truth, he says, and is an advocate of helping clients better educate their staff on the features and benefits of the software so that adoption is encouraged.

He discusses his thoughts on how we can get better adoption; showing staff how to get documents in and out of the systems, making it easy for users to make the most of the technology and ultimately ensure that clients are integrated into the process.

He goes on to talk about the range of technology providing discrete services and the importance of interconnectivity and interoperability and the role case management plays in ensuring that they are able to integrate with best of breed third parties.  But comes back to the importance of internal education, otherwise the firm simply doesn’t see the full benefit of their investment.

An interesting insight into the direction of travel for case and matter management from an expert in the field.

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