Pure Property Law say electronic property forms are simple for customers, delivering satisfaction

Pure Property Law say electronic property forms are simple for customers, delivering satisfaction

Pure Property Law Partners say that using electronic contract packs (eCOS) through InfoTrack have enabled them to satisfy client expectations around the speed of the transaction, as well as allowing the firm to deliver on their promise of client experience as a priority.

The law firm began using eCOS through the InfoTrack platform in early April and have been impressed with the way in which they simplify the completion of the property forms for both the firm and their clients. InfoTrack launched eCOS, which includes eSignatures, to give conveyancers better visibility of real-time information and ensure all the information is completed whilst delivering on the expectations of the seller they are acting on behalf of. When taking on eCOS, Pure Property Law immediately identified where the service could make this part of the selling process faster, simpler and far more convenient for their clients.

Nadine Blacklock, Director at Pure Property Lawyers, comments “eCOS from InfoTrack enables us to deliver on our promise to make clients our priority. The confusion has been removed from the three key property information forms as we can see what is being entered in real-time. Printing, posting and scanning are removed from the process allowing us to behave exactly how clients expect with the process moving faster.

Nadine continues, “Our clients are certainly happy with using online solutions like eCOS, especially when such forms are made simple to compile, sign and return. In my opinion, it is these innovations progressive firms must use to ensure the highest in customer satisfaction.”

InfoTrack say they continue to develop eCOS and have recently added new security features including SMS verification in order to provide a safe and secure experience for their users and their clients.

Adam Bullion, General Manager of Marketing, comments “Bringing the documents that form the contract online and allowing sellers to sign digitally is another step in evolving the conveyancing process. Homebuyers don’t always have scanners and printers available to them and at the same time, firms spend a fair amount of time and effort issuing the documents. eCOS is hugely beneficial in enabling the conveyancer to manage their client expectations and give them support where it’s required. We’re seeing increasing numbers of firms using eCOS simply because it benefits them and their clients.”

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InfoTrack is pioneering the digitisation of legal processes. They provide a powerful suite of solutions across client onboarding, identity verification, e-signature, and conveyancing services. Their services help to assure compliance, enhance the client experience, and improve productivity within law firms.

InfoTrack takes on the burden of paper-intensive, demanding administrative tasks within a single, award-winning platform. Providing best-in-class integration solutions with more than a dozen case management systems, as well as HMRC, HMLR, Companies House, and LMS.

InfoTrack empowers firms to focus on delivering an exceptional client experience with every transaction.

Onboard better: Digital client onboarding with InfoTrack

eCOS (electronic Client Onboarding Solution) from InfoTrack brings together everything law firms need to digitally onboard clients, streamlining the process and saving weeks on every matter. The digital portal and app provide a fully branded digital onboarding service, including client care packs, Verification of Identity and Funds, onboarding questionnaires, and licensed Law Society TA forms in a single, unified platform. Discover eCOS now.

Digital AP1s made easy

InfoTrack has helped over 1,000 law firms submit 750,000 digital AP1s to HMLR via InfoTrack since 2016. As the most popular provider of digital AP1 submissions to HMLR, you can trust InfoTrack’s specialist AP1 experts will make switching stress-free. Find out more.

Why should law firms choose InfoTrack?

  • InfoTrack enables end-to-end digital conveyancing through a single platform, including electronic client onboarding, automated report on title creation, digital AP1 submission, and LMS integration
  • Integration with CMS and all relevant conveyancing providers and government departments
  • Provides law firms with documentable evidence to support more than one third of the CQS assessment categories
  • Pay as you go, so you only pay for the services you use
  • Improves productivity, saves times, and minimises risk
  • Technology automates processes to enable firms to spend more time delivering quality client experiences

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