The conveyancer’s view: “what is the house’s star sign?”

The conveyancer’s view: “what is the house’s star sign?”

The conveyancer’s view, 13th May 2022

Credit: Mat Greaves

In a period that has seen the “black hole of conveyancing” dominate the discourse, it seems fitting that astronomers this week photographed the black hole at the centre of our galaxy for the first time ever.

Recent weeks saw countless LinkedIn posts, articles and forum posts recount drowning in a deluge of enquiries – and it seems the downpour is only getting heavier.

Indeed, research conducted by Today’s Conveyancer found that 74% of conveyancers have seen increase in the number of enquiries received of late. 75% also reported a fall in the relevance of enquiries received.

The concerning findings were corroborated by data from conveyancing firm The Partnership (from 12,471 transactions) which showed that average freehold enquiries have increased by 27% since Q12018 (13.8 to 18.7) and average leasehold enquiries have increased by 28% (17.5 to 24.3).

Several organisations – and plenty of frustrated conveyancers – have shared their thoughts on the causes of the issues. Some have also made suggestions as to where a resolution may lie.

Can a light be shone into the black hole, or will it continue to consume conveyancers?

Jamie Lennox

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