Continuing professional development X-Press legal services

Continuing professional development with X-Press legal services

Leading property search provider, X-Press Legal Services has revealed just how far it goes to support professionals in meeting CPD requirements.

An annual tally of the company’s free CPD events and webinars has revealed that the independent property search company has supported over 4,000 legal and conveyancing professionals in meeting their CPD obligations over the past year.

The company has achieved this through providing clients with a wide variety of opportunities to enhance their professional knowledge and skills. X-Press Legal Services has utilised a range of platforms to achieve this including webinars and face to face events and often incorporating a networking element too.

David Lister, Director of X-Press Legal Services, commented:

“Supporting the conveyancing industry is central to everything we do at X-Press Legal Services and this includes helping them to meet their personal CPD obligations.

Every conveyancing professional sets their own goals to achieve this, and we work hard to support them by offering a calendar of CPD opportunities that encompass a variety of legal topics. Our attendees really see the benefit in this, not only in learning about the latest industry regulations and compliance requirements but also in discovering the latest innovations in digital products we are offering to streamline their workloads.

Equally, the chance to network with peers and share insights from within the conveyancing industry is an element we always aim to include. Conveyancing is a very niche area of the law and those working in the sector really relish the chance to spend time with peers and share best practice. Keeping conveyancers trained, informed and educated is something we take huge pride in as a business and we believe our commitment to it is reflected in the increasing number of professionals seeking out our services to support all aspects of their working lives.”

X-Press Legal Services is the largest independent property search company completing hundreds of thousands of searches per year. Its 27 offices across England & Wales are locally owned and boast the expertise and insight of local specialists who work seamlessly alongside regional legal and conveyancing firms.

The company has developed its own Intelligent Conveyancing Online System (ICOS) providing clients with an online ordering platform accessible 24/7. This wraparound service encompasses residential & commercial searches, pre & post completion services including eAP1s, plus due diligence & compliance products.

This article was submitted to be published by X-Press Legal Services as part of their advertising agreement with Today’s Conveyancer. The views expressed in this article are those of the submitter and not those of Today’s Conveyancer.

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