How content is key in driving traffic to your firm’s website

How content is key in driving traffic to your firm’s website

In an online world of clickbait articles and bullet point blogs, consumers are used to finding the information they need, instantly.They don’t have time to read through paragraphs of legislation or complex legal jargon – and you probably don’t have time to write it.

So why is legal copywriting so important?

Driving traffic to your law firm’s website
Essential for driving traffic to your website and generating targeted leads, content is often hailed as King in the marketing world.

Providing engaging consumer content
By providing consumers with topical news pieces and informative articles, they’re much more likely to be encouraged to use your services if assured that you’re the best to advise them. Having interesting and helpful legal content on your website is an effective of way of getting this message across.

There are, however, certain things which most consumer-facing articles are likely to have in common: being straightforward, easy to follow and user-friendly. In other words, three things which the law usually isn’t. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be – it just depends on how it’s worded.

Explaining legal jargon
When written in a clear and concise way, legal content can be far more a help than a hindrance to both consumers and your firm. Improving your search engine ranking, informative content can advance your positioning both online and within your particular specialism.

Demonstrate legal expertise
As well as being of informative value, legal content can also act as a guide for potential clients. If structured in a particular way, it can demonstrate your firm’s legal expertise, whilst helping them reach the decision that they really do need the services of your firm.

White Papers
If the content provides consumers with the answers that they’re looking for, they’re more likely to place trust in your firm and use your services in the future.

Whilst the benefits of quality legal content are easy to see, finding the time to create it isn’t always as easy.

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