Consultancy Programme paves way for progressive working during the pandemic

Consultancy Programme paves way for progressive working during the pandemic

Traditional Law

For centuries, the legal career path has heavily focused around working and meeting clients within the office. As much as we as Solicitors enjoy this client and colleague interaction, this often structured and formal approach within Law firms, as well as the well-known long hours, has often created a challenge in maintaining a healthy work/life balance for those in the legal profession. If the pandemic has taught us anything then, it is the importance of the need of the Legal Sector to advance its traditional model into one that is more future proof and forward thinking.

Future thinking – and Pandemic proof

We at Parity Legal believe we are forward thinkers and understand that excellent service can be provided to our clients and high-quality work can be achieved outside of the traditional model. This is why we launched our Consultancy Programme, as we believe our programme not only benefits our client’s by employing excellent solicitors with a wealth of experience nationally. But more importantly, in providing our Consultant Solicitor’s flexible working arrangements and support so that they are able to produce high quality work. Our programme started in July 2019, well before the pandemic, and therefore we have the infrastructure in place to offer such a platform to solicitors wanting to go self-employed.

To name a few benefits of our Consultancy Programme:

  • Flexible working hours to suit your lifestyle
  • Earning the higher share of the fee
  • Uncapped Earnings
  • Remote working
  • Flexible working environment
  • Quality standards
  • Back office support

Does this all sound too good to be true?

We at Parity Legal stand by our commitment to act as a platform that enables excellent lawyers to deliver an excellent service to clients. In order to achieve this, we employ a friendly and helpful Consultant liaison team to support our consultants to enable them to work remotely and independently.  In the importance of producing high quality work our consultants are able to work from home but similarly have access to our meeting rooms to meet clients. Similarly, we assist our Consultants in generating work and work as a team in referrals between our Consultants.  Finally, and most importantly we firmly believe in the importance of being able to work flexibly with 24/7 access to systems so that you can fit in working around your life and not the other way round.

Still not convinced – read through some of our testimonials

“I combine my work at Parity Legal with my more traditional role as a Barrister at Chambers in London.  I enjoy the structure that being a Consultant at Parity Legal gives me.  The support that I get from everyone at the office means that I can focus on my client work, which helps me to deliver the kind of service that clients are entitled to expect.””I moved to Parity Legal from private practice, and have been a Partner in a high street law firm.  What I have found at Parity is that the case management system and back office support enables me to focus on my clients and make best use of my time.  I earn a very high percentage of the fees that I bill, and working as a Consultant Solicitor with Parity was a great career move for me.”

CQS Accredited

We are a law firm that provides legal services in the property sector. We have specialist conveyancers and solicitors that deal with all forms of property transactions. We are CQS accredited which means that we have a high standard of practice management and client service.

Finally – none of this would be possible without

Our Consultancy programme prides itself on secure modern technology by using the latest innovations in cyber security and have been a Lawyer Checker since their inception. Lawyer Checker have always made compliance and cyber security easy and accessible for us. Their expertise in how law firms work and their understanding of the type of set up law firms have, made them the perfect choice as our cyber security partners. Our Solicitor Consultancy Programme is an essential side of our business and whilst more people are working remotely, Lawyer Checker gives us reassurance that risk and compliance matters are mitigated. Furthermore, Lawyer Checker made obtaining the Cyber Essentials certificate straightforward for us, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with Lawyer Checker in the coming years.

Want to know more about our Consultancy Programme?

If you want to know more about our programme and how it can benefit you, please visit our website: or contact our offices on 0116 464 7559 and ask for the Head of the Consultancy Programme, Gareth Kite. In Gareth’s absence, one of the Directors will be happy to assist you.

Gareth Kite, Operations Director & Head of the Consultancy Programme


  • Business Operations
  • Law Firm Management
  • Compliance & Risk
  • Head of the Consultancy Programme

Gareth provides a wealth of experience in running and managing Law Firms. Gareth qualified as a Solicitor in 1999 and built a strong reputation as an Employment Lawyer and handling commercial litigation cases.

Gareth worked himself up the ranks at a well-established and respected Law Firm in the south Yorkshire region, eventually becoming a partner of the firm in 2005. Gareth went on to become that firms first managing partner in 2010 and ran the firm in that capacity until 2016. Gareth was the compliance officer for the practice and ran and headed all operations in the practice. This firm was a large Law Firm with several offices in the South Yorkshire and North Midlands region.

In 2016 Gareth left that role and began to provide services to a range of national law firms as a consultant, assisting with their risk management and regulatory compliance.

Gareth has worked and assisted law firms of all types and sizes. He has experience in being involved in the infrastructure of the setting up of consultancy programmes and managing the risks and compliance surrounding it.

Gareth also heavily invests his time in business development, having gained connections with numerous high-profile organisations, and adds significant value to Parity Legal and its growing consultancy programme.

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