Calling on the next generation of conveyancers

Calling on the next generation of conveyancers

The conveyancing industry is changing. It can sometimes feel as though traditional high street conveyancing is a dying art. Is unregistered title and complex land law being replaced by the need to be financial fraud and identity experts, environmental scientists and climate change soothsayers?

The role of a conveyancer is so much more than “the legal process of transferring property from one owner to another”. This new breed of up and coming conveyancers no longer have 8-10 large plates spinning at any one time, but rather 15-20 slightly smaller plates as it was neatly put recently.

And alongside the day job, law firm leaders and conveyancing heads need to continue to think about staff development, management and succession planning

This is why Today’s Conveyancer is running a Leaders of Tomorrow Dinner to be hosted in Manchester on 20th September. 

Leaders of Tomorrow has been launched to encourage the up and coming leaders of tomorrow’s conveyancing world to discuss their challenges and ambitions for this incredible industry.

The aim is to bring together the current protégés, deputies and lieutenants together to talk conveyancing, tech, management, recruitment, training and innovation at a “Chatham House Rule” style dinner with guest speakers.

Be part of the future of conveyancing. Join us on 20th September from 6.30pm. CLICK HERE to register your place.

Leaders of Tomorrow

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