Burnout… what is it and how can we better cope with stress?

Burnout… what is it and how can we better cope with stress?

Burnout is a subject close to the heart of conveyancers up and down the country following the challenges of the last couple of years.

In this episode of the Today’s Conveyancer podcast, host David Opie is joined by Lead Steele, a coach and trainer for law firms and founder of Searching for Serenity.

As a former lawyer, Leah is well versed in the culture of law firms having gone through her own experiences of burnout.  She now spends her time helping others understand burnout, how to better understand its impact and what practical steps can be taken to support ourselves and those around us.

In a fascinating discussion Leah explores how we can recognise the symptoms of burnout and points to both personal and organisational factors as critical to better understanding its impact and what lessons we can take as individuals and employers.

Significantly Leah dispels the myth that stress is always bad. Yes, there are bad types of stress, but stress can also push us, and motivate us to achieve.

Listen in on your preferred podcast provider and below to hear Leah’s thoughts.

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