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Who wants to be a consultant solicitor?

The Today’s Conveyancer Podcast welcomes Adrian Jaggard, a Director of Taylor Rose MW and AIIC Holdings, the parent of Taylor Rose MW, FDR Law and Sloth Move, amongst other investments in legal services and technology.

The discussion centres on the growth of their consultant model of employment which, since launching in 2014, has grown to become one of the largest employers of consultant lawyers in England and Wales. Indeed, AIIC was listed as the fastest growing legal and accounting services group in the UK in the Financial Times in March 2023.

Adrian himself is a qualified solicitor, and previously ran a successful costs business before founding Taylor Rose with his brother, Antony in 2009. The conversation explores the early days of the consultancy business and how the opportunity came about; and moves on to the drivers for people who embrace the model. cultures, COVID, partnership and career progression and more.

Adrian is frank about the realities of the model and acknowledges that they have become much better at understanding the types of individuals who thrive in a consultant role, and have improved their supervision structures around them.. They have also worked hard to foster relationships between consultants, and between consultants and those directly employed by Taylor Rose MW. And yes, they do indeed reject applications and terminate consultant arrangements for a variety of reasons.

The discussion ends with Adrian outlining the opportunity presented by a joint venture with an Australian law firm which has seen the launch of the consultancy business in Australia… which has brought it’s own legal, and logistical, challenges!

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