What is the value of conveyancing to your business?

What is the value of conveyancing to your business?

Homemovers have the potential to open up a whole world of opportunities for law firms beyond the instructed conveyance.

For most a house purchase is the first time they will be brought into contact with the legal services sector. It stands to reason that, as first through the door, this puts your law firm in prime position to develop a lasting relationship with this client who may have significant “lifetime value” to the practice.

In the short term homemover(s) are best advised to ensure they have a will; this creates the potential to cross-refer your law firm’s service for such (you may even incorporate a will into your conveyancing services). Further down the line who is to say that your client could not become a successful businessman in their own right? Or require some advice on a clinical negligence matter? Or become involved in an employment dispute?

According to research a home move is one of the top 5 most stressful experiences in anyone’s life. Professional services are rarely an impulse purchase; so your conduct and service delivery is the barometer by which you ensure you are the preferred choice for future legal requirements. As the existing service provider you are in pole position to build on your relationship and achieve this.

Top tips to boost your enquiry handling

  • Measure – what gets measured gets done as the saying goes. What is your current conversion rate? What are your top five sources of work? What is the main reason clients give who don’t instruct you? Having this data will help you make informed management decisions around business development, recruitment and forecasting
  • Sales process – a dirty word in professional services, but you should have in place a system for dealing with initial enquiries and following them up. The largest firms and panels already do this well and it’s one of the reasons the big are getting bigger.
  • Know your value – don’t assume all clients want a cheap price but be prepared to justify why a client should choose you
  • Manage client expectations and then exceed them – one of the biggest issues in conveyancing is communication so make sure your client know what to expect; price in such a way that you can deliver the work and explain exactly what the client paying for
  • Seek feedback and act on it – Your conduct and service delivery is the barometer by which you will ensure you are the preferred choice for this client’s future legal needs

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ETSOS is the one-click shop for property professionals whose innovative products and class-leading customer support has seen it become one of the fastest-growing suppliers to the UK conveyancing sector.

Our web-enabled search ordering portal has radically simplified the process of requesting conveyancing searches and related products. Through this single interface users can order: Official Local Authority Searches, Personal Local Authority Searches, Land Registry Documents, Anti money laundering products, Planning searches, Utility Searches, Drainage and Water Searches, Energy Performance Certificates, Fire risk assessments, Air conditioning surveys, Asbestos surveys, Lease plans, Floor plans, Virtual tours, Company searches. Search products are being added all the time, giving customers the widest possible choice and complete oversight of the market. Most importantly, dedicated account managers are at the end of the phone to help with any queries, to chase up outstanding searches and to use their local knowledge to help you select the optimum search option.

ETSOS customers can also access the free to use Quotation and Referral System (QRS). This can be deployed externally by law firms, where they roll it out to local estate agents and IFAs to enable them to get instant quotes on a conveyance, and to collaborate more easily. It can also be used internally, to help improve the efficiency and quality of the quotation process; law firms can generate a detailed quote in less than sixty seconds while a caller is on the phone, with the ability to email out a fully formatted PDF with a ‘click to accept’ option.

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