What if that SRA e-mail is real?

What if that SRA e-mail is real?

The SRA recently warned that solicitors report receiving scam e-mail messages purporting to be from the regulator and referring to pending investigations.
But what if the e-mail was authentic and your firm was targeted for an investigation? Would you be ready?
In deference to solicitors’ preferences, the SRA uses e-mail "to inform regulated individuals and organisations of regulatory news, time-sensitive regulatory requirements and other important information," according to its website. So, it’s quite possible that it could be real. And, it could be painful.
With the launch of CLIENTCAREmonitor, solicitor firms have a tool to ensure compliance and identify the highest risk files in real time. The platform addresses the lengthy complexities of the new SRA Handbook, promoting the early identification of potential compliance failures to avoid the significant cost of interventions and other regulatory action.
While it can’t help reduce the amount of spam coming into your inbox (and who of us doesn’t love a good Nigerian banking scam?), it will help you meet your compliance requirements based on the new SRA regime.



COMPLETIONmonitor is one of a number of products developed by Conveycentric, a team of experts in Law, IT and Risk Management.

Following the successful launch of LENDERmonitor in 2008, Conveycentric have been working in association with leading insurance experts in the UK to bring COMPLETIONmonitor to the legal market, ensuring it addresses the areas of concern within the industry.

Conveycentric have formed key partnerships with a number of the of the UK’s top organisations, including the Council of Mortgage Lenders, Landmark and St Giles Professional Risks. These relationships have placed Conveycentric at the forefront of risk management within the conveyancing sector.

COMPLETIONmonitor also plays it part in meeting the new SRA handbook requirements at a time when claims against Conveyancers are increasingly being brought by Lenders and when the insurance sector is keen to see practices ensuring they are taking all measures to mitigate any areas of risk.

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